It is technically a non-essential beta-amino acid, but it has quickly become an essential ergogenic compound. Especially in the world of performance nutrition and bodybuilding. It raises muscle energy which also increases the amount of work you can perform at high intensities.

• 3-amino propionic acid is a naturally occurring beta-amino acid and a component of the carnosine, responsible for releasing energy. It can help offer real performance benefits with unique chemical properties. The body can produce beta-alanine in at least three ways:-

• It can be released during the breakdown of histidine dipeptides such as carnosine.

• It can be formed as a secondary byproduct of a reaction that converts L-alanine to pyruvate.

• During digestion, when microbes remove carbon atoms from L-aspartate.

• Beta-alanine passes from the bloodstream into skeletal muscle.

• The benefit of supplementing with beta-alanine is its ability to raise muscle carnosine concentrations. Till date, studies show that its supplementation is beneficial in improving performance, it increases up to 58 percent in the first month and may go up to 80% in 10 weeks.

• Also, it is one of your muscles' first line of defence against the buildup of hydrogen ions (H+) during high-intensity exercise. The rise in H+ ions lowers the pH within muscle cells, a major contributor to muscle fatigue. Furthermore, high carnosine concentration is also linked with having a high percentage of Type II fast-twitch muscle fibres. Example: sprinters & powerlifters.

Beta-alanine supplements are also available individually and in pre-workout supplements along with other performance-enhancing ingredients. It can be taken after discussion with a health professional. Buy pre workout

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