As the summertime approaches, we tend to feel thirstier and low on energy, as an athlete it becomes even more challenging to perform on the field. To maintain the energy levels we have to take special measure in the form of liquids. It is not just about hydration but restoring the energy banks of the body. Snergy is the instant energy formula that makes it possible for you to restore the energy levels as it contains multiple sources of carbohydrates, perfect for that instant bout of energy.

Snergy is rich in essential vitamins and minerals, which instantly releases energy, and helps replenish the lost electrolyte stores. The presence of dextrose monohydrate as one of the carb sources helps derive the energy required. This form of energy is easy to breakdown and absorb by the body without hitting the glucose reserves of the body. The loss of electrolytes through sweat and urine can lead to an imbalance in the body’s fluid directly affecting our blood pressure, muscle contraction, nerve function and many more. Snergy is a dynamic product that serves the best in such times of crisis to rescue our body from collapsing. 

While performing any athletic task, one often experiences spasms and cramps, thinking of it as something normal to happen while exercising. It is nothing but at times just the lack of electrolytes mostly potassium. Snergy contains potassium, which regulates the blood flow to our muscle cells hence preventing muscle soreness, stiffness and fatigue. Potassium is also integral for the proper transmission of nerve signals that stimulate contraction.

The presence of magnesium in Snergy destroys the accumulated lactic acid in our muscles allowing us to perform for a longer time. The specially formulated hydration drink comes in a refreshingly delicious all-time favourite orange flavour. Say no to low energy levels and yes to living every day with equal zest and potential to perform. Continual hydration is the key to keep up with your energy levels and not settle for less.

Why settle for a drink that tastes good if you can have one that gives you additional health benefits along with your favourite orange flavour. 

Snergy- Best Taste, Most Energy!

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