Amateur Olympia to A-list athletes: Best moments from Steadfast Nutrition’s action-packed Day 2 at the IHFF 2021

Amateur Olympia to A-list athletes: Best moments from Steadfast Nutrition’s action-packed Day 2 at the IHFF 2021

Jan 10, 2022

All roads to Mumbai on December 4 led to the Bombay Exhibition Centre- the venue of the 2021 International Health, Sports, and Fitness Festival. Thousands of athletes and fitness enthusiasts flocked to the mega event, considered Asia’s largest health and fitness festival. The venue was buzzing as several key events took place on Day 2. Steadfast Nutrition dominated the proceedings through the day.

The highlight was the Amateur Olympia, India’s biggest bodybuilding championship, presented by Steadfast Nutrition. Steadfast Nutrition founder Mr Aman Puri inaugurated the event, along with Mr Manish Gandhi, organiser of the IHFF, Mr Sheru Angrish, founder of the Sheru Classic, and IFBB pro judge Dr Rita Jairath. They lit the lamps in the presence of many international athletes to mark the beginning of the competition. The Olympia Amateur is considered the gateway to the bodybuilding world’s biggest championship- Mr Olympia. 

The championship consists of eight categories, including Men’s Bodybuilding, Men’s Classic Physique, Women’s Figure, Women’s Physique, Women’s Bikini, Women’s Fitness, and Women’s Wellness. This time three IFBB pro cards were to be won in each. A pro card at the Amateur Olympia is the  ambition of most Indian bodybuilding athletes as it wins them an entry to international pro league championships.

Ahead of the competition, all participants were felicitated on the stage.

They also spoke about their sporting journey, with their inspiring accounts keeping the packed audience glued to their seats. One such narrative was of Steadfast Athlete Surbhi Jaiswal, who spoke about her preparation for the championship and the contribution Steadfast Nutrition had made in her success- from providing her with the right nutritional supplements, to financial backing and taking care of her health.

Steadfast Nutrition also felicitated its dealers. Mr Aman Puri, who honoured each dealer, said they had a crucial role in helping Steadfast revolutionise the world of sports and wellness nutrition.

The launch of the cover of Krunch magazine featuring Steadfast Athlete and Bollywood actor Nikitin Dheer also attracted eyeballs. Mr Puri and CEO, Krunch Today, Mr Alok Shirodkar, launched the cover of the health and fitness industry's leading magazine.

The other great opportunity Day 2 brought with it was a chance for both athletes and audiences to meet their favourite role models like former US champion bodybuilder Dr Tony Huge, renowned German bodybuilding athlete Dennis James, three-time Mr Olympia Sergio Oliva, five-time Arnold Classic winner Dexter Jackson, and IFBB Pro Bhuvan Chauhan. The star attraction of the day was former Mr Universe Wasim Khan. 

The activity outside the auditorium was equally exhilarating. Crowds swamped the Steadfast booth, sampling the nutritional supplements. A significant number of MMA athletes also thronged the booth. Games and activities kept the audiences engaged. The 'throw sampling' of supplements by Sheru Angrish, and renowned Steadfast athletes Rohit Shetty, Dr Mridula Saikia, and Sumeet Thapa was a huge draw for everyone.

Day 2 ended on a high note for Steadfast Nutrition. Living up to the expectations, all the Steadfast Athletes found a spot in the top 10 finalists of both the Sheru Classic and the Amateur Olympia.