Aim for Basket with Steadfast


Nov 20, 2020

Basketball is a high-intensity sport demanding a high level of skill, power, speed, agility, and endurance. Because of the high-intensity nature of the sport and the ample energy demands of the game coaches suggest and help athletes fuel and hydrate properly to boost their performance. Nutrition has always played a crucial role in an athlete’s life, so does for a basketball player’s life for a coach to make one understand this helps one give their best. Guidance in choosing the best composition to suit your sport is important for all athletes. Having the best quality post-exercise nutrition helps an athlete with recovery and preparation for the next basketball session while promoting muscle adaptation throughout the course of the season. Hydrating at fixed intervals can help one stay dedicated to the game, as it helps replace fluids lost from sweating and reduce the level of dehydration to maintain performance.

Steadfast has just the products for you that help your recovery process get better with each game. Collastead and Snergy are here to provide you with the best of flexibility with energy. Collastead comprises high-quality collagen powder peptides derived from marine (fish) source with an additional boost of Rosehip Extract and Vitamin C. It offers collagen in the form of peptides; that are smaller in size, with low molecular weight, are easy to digest, highly absorbable and bioavailable. Since the collagen used has been procured from Type I (marine) sources, it makes Collastead an excellent approach to keep the joints, bones, ligaments, tendons and connective tissues healthy. Basketball requires maintaining a healthy muscle mass for better athletic performance. It furnishes the body with the required amino needed for muscle synthesis and growth. Collastead protects their joints, ligaments and tendons from getting damaged and improves their movement and flexibility. Buy Collagen

Snergy is formulated to deliver simple carbohydrates, and electrolytes when formulated with water in a way that it maximises instant delivery of energy to the muscles. Hydration is imperative for maximum performance output for all athletes. The body can transport nutrients and oxygen to the muscles, simultaneously remove lactic acid build-up, eliminate metabolites or nitrogenous waste and normalise body temperature. Losing even one percent of body weight through sweat can negatively affect an athlete’s performance level. To keep up with such exhaustive physical activities one has to always keep refurbishing their amazing energy. Snergy gives you the energy to fuel your performance making it a must-have pro drink during or before any sports.

Time to include Steadfast in your daily routine and enjoy the best of nourishment for a healthy and amazing life as an athlete. Never let anything stop you from achieving your best as a performer.

Be Steadfast, Be Beyond Ordinary.

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