Irregular periods are when it gets delayed, missed, inconsistent or unnatural bleeding patterns. One can maintain a healthy balance and regularity in the period cycle by adding the right foods to your diet and eating necessary nutrients.

Parsley: It looks like coriander and is used to garnish different food items. Myristicin and apiole are beneficial compounds present in parsley that help in the effective production of oestrogen. One can consume boiled parsley water to overcome issues related to menstrual irregularity. 

Cinnamon: It helps to stimulate blood flow and provide quick relief from menstrual cramps and pain. It can be used for problems related to irregular periods. Mix cinnamon with a glass of milk to reap maximum benefits as this helps generate the required level of oestrogen.

Pineapple: It has an enzyme known as bromelain - one of the best foods for regular periods. It helps to soften the uterus and improves blood flow. Pineapple reduces the chances of swelling and blood clots during periods. Eating pineapple helps to overcome menstrual irregularities.

Carom seeds: Drink boiled water with carom seeds to relieve menstrual pain, irregularities and stimulate the uterus. 

Papaya: It has a high amount of carotene that helps to normalise the period cycle. Papaya consumption helps to regulate and stimulate oestrogen levels. Eating papaya regularly helps in the proper functioning of the uterus but avoids eating papaya during pregnancy. 

Ginger: It has a good magnesium and vitamin C content which helps to overcome irregular periods. Try adding jaggery to ginger tea for better healing. Ginger helps in normalising period regularity by naturally producing oestrogen. 

Turmeric: It helps to prevent inflammation during periods. Add turmeric and honey into warm milk to naturally regulate your periods.

Caffeine: It helps to improve the blood flow, regulate the oestrogen level, and restricts the narrowing of blood vessels during the period. 

Beetroot: It's a rich source of folic acid, calcium and iron, which makes it a great option for regular periods. It can help relieve the problem of bloating during periods and helps reduce the problem of water retention.

Apple Cider Vinegar: It helps to reduce belly fat and reduces the symptoms of PCOS. Have a mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey to get rid of period irregularities.

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