10 best snacks


Oct 28, 2020

Athletes need to snack on healthy foods, apart from maintaining three major meals. Often, after a game or training session, else before going to play, they need to snack to improve their energy levels. Choosing to eat healthily will empower them to perform better.

Smoothie recipe Greek yoghurt and blueberries/strawberries blended with some honey then topped with chopped nuts for perfection.

Homemade trail mix 

Made using roasted soya beans, mixed with lotus seeds, dried fruits, nuts and seeds. It is anytime convenient and ready to eat.

Homemade energy bars 

Protein-packed energy bars are the best to go for made using ingredients of your choice. You may make one using oats, peanut butter, seeds, some milk, by binding all ingredients properly and baking it in an OTG.

Banana with peanut butter 

Bananas are wonder fruit as they are enriched with electrolytes and high in carbohydrates, both required to fuel up the energy needs of an athlete. If taken along with peanut butter, it will make it more calorie-dense and provide protein as well.

Hummus with whole-grain toast 

Not just yummy but also a great snack combination in terms of nutrients. Hummus paste is made using chickpeas and spread a tbsp of it over a slice of bread and enjoy!

Roasted Chana 

Roasted chana is energy-dense and can be considered whenever one is hungry. They provide you with energy and protein.


Have a fistful of raisins handy with you, whenever you are in a rush to go for your session or training. 

Rice cake with almond butter 

Rice cakes made from puffed rice can be taken with some almond butter or any nut-based butter of your choice.


Blend banana, oats, egg whites and cup milk together. Pancakes can be made using these ingredients. Mix all the ingredients and blend it smooth.

Pour some batter into a pan, cook it from each side.

To conclude, staying energetic and healthy eating is a must for all athletes. They can consider including the above-mentioned snack ideas in their diets.