Having a body composition with higher muscle mass is what one should strive to achieve as it helps in loosing weight, building metabolism , strength and endurance.

Muscular strength and endurance are important in determining the body’s ability to move , lift things and do day to day activities as well.

Muscular strengthens force exerted by a group of muscles to exert against resistance.

The size of the muscle fibres and the ability of the nerves to active the fibres is related to muscle strength. Good muscular strength helps exert force for a short span of time. For instance bench pressing a heavy barbell 5-8 repetitions and lifting a box when moving requires strength.

Muscular endurance means the ability to perform a specific action or sustain repeated contractions , using the same group of muscles for a prolonged period of time.Muscle endurance involves repeating the same action for an extended period of time. For instance , doing 50 squats in a row and sport like skiing.

Benefits of Muscular strength and endurance


  • Reduce the risk of injury
  • Keep a healthy body weight
  • Stronger muscles and bones
  • A sense of accomplishment

So, as a matter of fact, one needs both endurance and strength to carry out everyday task, play sports and maintain good health.

Muscle Strength VS Muscle Endurance

  • Doing less repetitions with more weight  would work for increasing your strength. On the other hand, doing more repetitions with lighter weights will help build your endurance.
  • Slow twitch muscle fibres (Type 1)are responsible for endurance and fast twitch fibres. Type 2 -A are involved in power and endurance both and fast twitch muscles. Type 2 B are required for short, explosive movements such as jumping or heaving a heavy weight.
  • The application of either muscle strength or endurance is based on the individual goals. Muscle strength is required more by bodybuilders who want to build bigger and stronger muscles. Also, athletes such as power lifters and sprinters need strength. Whereas, marathon runners need more of endurance. Additionally, sports like basketball, tennis, and martial arts need both strength and endurance training.
  • Amazingly, although you use same muscle groups for building both strength and endurance, depending on the action, different types of muscle fibres are recruited.

Thus, having the desired muscle composition not only helps in reshaping your body , but it also helps gain leaner and more powerful muscles along with profound athletic performance. Muscle strength is the force opposed to resistance, whereas muscular endurance is the ability to perform muscular tasks for extended period of time.

Furthermore, building muscle mass is also beneficial for health and wellness. Hence, a great way to improve overall quality of life.

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