Steadfast Athlete Tarash Tejwani: 11 Splendid Years of Cycling

Steadfast Athlete Tarash Tejwani: 11 Splendid Years of Cycling

Steadfast Athlete Tarash Tejwani is an engineer by profession and cyclist by passion. The MTech graduate works as a senior energy analyst at Redaptive Service, a Pune-based firm. Despite his hectic lifestyle, he rides daily without fail and is preparing for his upcoming races, including the HCL Cyclothon, Hero MTB Shimla, and many more.

Tarash was just five when his father started taking him for regular morning rides. Cycling became a habit, a passion, and a part of his identity.  As he grew older, Tarash began going for leisure rides. Tarash read about the Noida Cycling Club (NCC) in a newspaper publication and, realised it was the perfect place to channel his passion. He became a member of the NCC, Noida’s oldest cycling club and the sister SBU of Steadfast Nutrition, started in 2011 by Steadfast Nutrition founder Aman Puri.

Tarash has been a constant in all the NCC rides since 2012. He says joining the club was a good decision since it gave him the confidence to go for longer rides. Seeing his dedication to the sport, he was chosen as one of the administrators of the club in 2015. He has led countless rides for NCC since 2015, making riders learn basic road sense and teaching them how to become proactive riders. He has conducted rides and organised rider of the month parties and fun rides to Asola Bhatti wildlife sanctuary, where riders can uplift their skills and get hands-on experience with mountain biking. His favourite rides are the ones that involve exploring food stalls in Delhi-NCR.

Due to his immense love for cycling, Tarash did weekend rides and started participating in races and events, which boosted his performance and confidence. He started competing professionally in 2016 and participated in several races like the Aravalli Trail Hunters (ATH), Gran Fondos, Hero MTB Shimla, MTB National Championships and many more. He also won many podiums in races like Firestorm, ATH, and the Faridabad Cyclothon.

The endurance athlete’s favourite supplements are the energy drink Carborance and the protein supplement Power Protein. He had also taken the energy and hydration drink Snergy for boosting his energy during the steep climbs. Check Steadfast's best energy drink

“Whenever I participate in any multi-stage race, Carborance and Power Protein are my only two partners during the day. I load myself up with Carborance 30-45 minutes before the start of an event and get the energy to push myself through the stage without feeling fatigue or tiredness. After the event, I consume Power Protein, which helps my body repair all the damaged muscle tissues. I have also used Snergy in between for short intervals, which gave me that instant push needed to climb the steep technical sections.”

Tarash has been a part of Steadfast since its inception.

“The support I have got from Steadfast is never-ending- whether at a race or my training session, I have always been backed by Steadfast products. My nutrition stack is always on time. Nutrition is the least of my worries,” says Tarash. 

Tarash was also taken on board as a sponsored athlete by Merida Bikes India and KAPZ due to his excellent performance and skills shown by him at various races. He has also been very helping, sacrificing his speed and position to help fellow riders during races.

We wish Tarash the best of luck in his future endeavours and races and hope he wins many more podiums.

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