Ashley Moras, Cycling on the Right Track with Steadfast Nutrition

Ashley Moras, Cycling on the Right Track with Steadfast Nutrition

From cycling in schooldays to racing against the top players in India- it’s been a long and fun journey for Steadfast Athlete Ashley Moras.

The athlete, who is a Cycling Federation of India (CFI)-certified road cyclist, secured 6th place in Gurushikar Challenge in 2022, a bicycle race organised by Indian Cycle Club in Mehsana, Gujarat- one of Gujarat’s toughest races, which starts in Mehsana and goes all the way till Gurushikhar in Mount Abu, Rajasthan. The race covers a distance of 180 km, with the last 35 km being a climb in which you gain 1600 metres. Ashley finished fifth in the G3 Individual Time Trial race, considered pretty challenging.

Ashley started his cycling journey in 2014. While racing with his friends in the park, he realised that he had an extra push in his legs which made him way faster than everyone else with whom he used to ride. Ashley joined a cycling group in Ahmedabad and started off with weekend rides. He also tried training in local races organised by his club, standing on the podium several times. His training routine levelled up. There was no looking back for him.

Ashley has participated in several National Road Championships and has significantly grown in the sport using supplements by Steadfast Nutrition. His favourites are Incredible Whey, Power Massive, MiCasein, and Snergy, Active BCAA, and Carborance, with Power Protein on the top of the list.

“Steadfast provides a huge recovery range that includes Power Protein, Incredible Whey, Power Massive, Micasein, Snergy, Active BCAA, and Carborance. All these products are extremely good, but if you ask my favourite- I would say, hands down Power Protein,” says Ashley.

Ashley, who has been associated with Steadfast Nutrition since 2017, says he took their supplements before becoming a part of the family of athletes. He likes the concept of single serving, scoopless sachets since they ensure precise dosage, are easy to carry, and come in yummylicious flavours.

“I have been using Steadfast Nutrition’s products since ages- much before I became a part of their family of athletes. Besides the wide range, what I absolutely love about the premium products is that they’re easy to use - no measuring required- and easy to carry. The sachets come in yummylicious flavours. The way Steadfast Nutrition takes care of its athletes is beyond words. I’m proud to be a Steadfast Athlete. 

Ashley is a huge fan of  Steadfast Nutrition’s premium rage of clothing- the wind-stopper vest is his favourite.

“The materials they use are super soft; the designs are just unmatched. People keep asking me from where I got these amazingly-designed tees. The wind stopper vest is my favourite. It serves the purpose of blocking the wind while keeping my rest of the body cool,” he says.

Ashley, who works as a business development manager for an extreme adventure sports company, organises mountain biking (MTB) fun events to increase the MTB culture in India and to get more and more people in the sport.  His favourite sportsperson is Michael Phelps.

Ashley never loses sight of his goal and pushes himself everyday. He aims to play for an international professional cycling team. Steadfast Nutrition wishes him all the best for his future championships.


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