Steadfast Nutrition is a premium sports nutrition brand launched in 2017, with a vision to address the nutrition needs of strength and endurance athletes. The product range has now expanded its wings to the wellness category as well. What makes Steadfast Nutrition unique in the market is its packaging style.

Steadfast Nutrition is the first Indian Brand to introduce sachet packaging in India. Sachet packaging ensures that there is no compromise on the quality and quantity of the supplements. Hailing from a background that deals in fulfilling the pharmaceutical needs through the management of various renal disorders and transplantation (Steadfast MediShield), therefore we claim Steadfast Nutrition ‘Understands Organs Better.’ In order to focus on the quality and composition, their supplements come in single serving sachets.

Some other advantages of sachet forms are :

1. Easy and Convenient to Carry - Steadfast Nutrition understands how cumbersome it could get for an athlete or active individual to carry big jars. Single serving sachets provide the ease of carrying supplements readily available, whenever and wherever a person needs. Be it long distance travelling or carrying a serving during an endurance sport, sachets appropriately fulfil the needs of all.

2. Compact - Storing a supplement jar altogether is a different challenge. All jars and tubs come in different sizes requiring a specific storage space and product friendly conditions, in order to prevent from getting spoiled and spilt. Single serving sachets take care of this obligation as well. Storing sachets is effortless and unchallenging. They are small, compact and don’t take much space of your cupboard, shelf, suitcase or baggage.

3. Zero Compromise on Quality - The primary aim for opting any supplement is to improve the quality of health and overall wellness. But, what if this additional support of diet doesn’t fit the quality parameters. Nutrition supplements especially protein once opened is prone to damage in terms of quality. The recommended usage for protein supplements in a jar is within 2-3 months. It is because air and moisture exposure deteriorates the quality of protein. Also, the plastic used to store supplements can be of a cheap quality that can lead to leaching of plastic material into the powder. Prolonged consumption of bad quality protein might pose adverse effects on our organs. But with sachet packaging, you can be assured of the same quality and quantity of powder throughout its shelf life. The product remains as fresh as at the time of manufacture. With every serving consumed, sachet form promises of providing exact nutrition as claimed on the nutrition label. And with scoops, the quantity might vary each time. At times, athletes land up adding a levelled scoop or sometimes a heaping scoop that never guarantees the same nutrition in each serving. Steadfast Nutrition also maintains the quality of supplements through its tri-layer packaging of a sachet. First or top layer is Matte BOPP which is moisture resistant, prevents wrinkle and shrinkage. This layer reduces the damage caused to the product during changing weather conditions and transportation. This layer also resists pollution, harmful chemicals, oil, grease while being environmentally safe. The second or middle layer protects the product throughout its shelf life. It acts as a barrier and helps keep flavour, taste and freshness of the supplement intact. This layer is a Metalised Polyester film which manufactured as per US FDA and EC regulatory requirements. It is also a replacement of aluminium foil for packaging. The third or innermost layer is a Multilayer Poly. It is waterproof and works as an antioxidant. This film not only preserves the aroma of the product but also offers excellent toughness.

Carry Sachets Anywhere

4. No Duplicity - Duplicity of protein supplements is a common issue faced by the consumers. Jars are prone to duplicity as labels can get easily replaced. But, sachet duplication is not an easy task. Sachet preparation of a similar quality is a very costly affair. It involves the cost of packaging and printing, which is why the chances of duplicity are minimal. The outer box of Steadfast Nutrition supplements is also hologram secured.

5. No Adulteration - Steadfast Nutrition ‘Understand Organs Better’ and is aware of the fact that market is full for fake traders who wishfully add numerous harmful adulterants or cheap fillers into the protein supplements, to sell supplements at a cheaper cost. This is the other ground for introducing sachet servings. Steadfast Nutrition supplements are packed under strict guidelines only after thorough testing by various govt. approved laboratories. Once assured that there are no unfriendly ingredients like heavy metals, artificial growth hormones, steroids and prohibited adulterants present in the supplement, then only the supplements are manufactured and available in the market for consumers to consume. Unfortunately, supplements in jars and boxes are not that secured when it comes to adulteration. Fake supplement sellers are proficient in degrading the quality by adding fillers just to enhance the volume of the supplement. Steadfast Nutrition sachets are reliable because of their packaging that doesn’t allow any middlemen to play with the quality of the supplement.


To conclude, Steadfast Nutrition not only strives to cater to the nutritional needs of all but also promises to deliver high-quality supplements. Single serving sachets play a critical role in retaining the quantity and quality of supplements. They are convenient to use, easy to carry and store. Sachet servings of Steadfast Nutrition promise that supplements are safe to use for prolonged consumption with no detrimental effects on any human organs.

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