Power Active is a perfect mixture of all the required essential vitamins and minerals that makes it a healthy nutrition drink to provide us with our daily dose of nutrition. Power Active contains multi-sourced carbohydrates which are easily digestible and energy-giving without adding any stress onto our stomach. Unlike other supplements, Power Active doesn’t contain added sugar but contains energy-giving healthy carbohydrates, proteins, and fats along with vitamins and minerals. Presence of whey protein powder and skimmed milk powder serves as a rich protein source that aids in meeting daily protein requirements. It has special amino acids L-carnitine and Taurine added to its composition to give added benefits. L-carnitine helps in reducing muscle soreness as it possesses vasodilation properties. In addition, by deriving energy from fats L-carnitine reduces the production of lactic acid, which is the primary cause of fatigue, thereby enhancing performance. Being rich in antioxidant taurine reduces oxidative stress and prevents muscles from getting sore while contributing to the enhancement of athletic performance by reducing fatigue and decreasing muscle damage. Glutathione is another antioxidant naturally present in whey. Taurine and Glutathione act together in our body to fight against free radicals, reduce oxidative stress, prevent cell damage and boost our immune health. When Power Active is consumed after an exercise session, it speeds up muscle recovery post-workout as it contains fast releasing protein. Having a strong immune system is very important for good well being. Power Active contains nutrients like vitamin A, D, E, K, C, B12, and folic acid, which strengthens the immune system. Power Active provides essential amino acids and helps prevent muscle loss and build muscles. Consume Power Active in between your meals to prevent binging on junk and processed foods loaded with trans fats and preservatives.

Why is protein important for runners?

Consuming high-quality protein within 30 to 45 minutes after a run is crucial for recovery. Because, intense training sessions break down muscle tissue, followed by increased muscle protein synthesis (MPS) over the next 24 hours. Immediately after a run, the body needs protein to repair muscle tissue.

When the body’s fuel stores (glycogen) run low, the body burns protein as fuel by breaking down muscle. Failing to fuel with carbohydrates during an intense workout (or one lasting over 75 minutes) will lead to unnecessary muscle breakdown and defeats the workout's intention, ultimately jeopardising the athlete's health and metabolic system.

Post-workout, aim for 0.25 to 0.30 grams of high-quality protein/kg, ideally in a liquid form, such as a protein shake, to promote rapid absorption. For example, a 70 kg athlete would need 17 to 20 grams of protein post-workout along with simple carbs to replenish glycogen stores and fuel muscle synthesis.

So, Power Active is the best combination of carbohydrates and protein, which helps in muscle recovery as well as replenishes the glycogen stores. Endurance athletes can consume it daily to fulfil the need for protein and provide faster recovery. Electrolytes present in Power Active shield athletes from getting cramps and stiffness. 1-2 sachets of power active are recommended per day along with a good nutritious diet to fulfil the daily requirement of nutrients.


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