There was a time when eating seasonal foods was the only option for all, as whatever variety would grow made it to the kitchens. We knew what would be grown in which season and plan our meals accordingly. But it is no more the same, as we no longer have to think hard for what to cook. We have all the variety in the world. Each season has a variety of foods to offer that is exclusively available in a particular season. If you eat food which is not from that particular season, be informed it is made from several chemicals and preserved using different techniques. So, it is highly recommended for you to have foods that are grown seasonally. 

Reasons to buy seasonal produce:

1. Health Benefits

Seasonal foods are picked at the time of their freshness with higher nutritional content. They are high on antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Fresh food helps your body grow and absorbs the benefits from each of it. You can taste the freshness of seasonal foods as they are naturally ripened and harvested at the right time full of flavours and nutrition.

2. Light on Pocket

They are easily accessible at much cheaper prices as they are locally grown and involve no transportation or preservation cost. It tastes so fresh and good without going bad easily as there are no preservatives are involved.

3. Great for Environment

If we all opt for more seasonal produce, it automatically drops the demand for non-seasonal produce. Therefore, less transportation, less refrigeration, less hot houses, and less irradiation of produce. Eat fresh to help yourself grow healthier with a healthier environment. 

So, next time you step out to buy your daily essentials, always try and buy locally while avoiding the non-seasonal foods shipped across the world. Time to do a little research now, collect information from net about your local seasonal foods and ask your local vendor for the same. 

Enjoy the freshness of the food!


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