You’ve probably heard about collagen and its benefits for healthy skin, hair and its abundant use in beauty cosmetic products. This blog will   enlighten you with how it can help endurance athletes such as marathon runners for better muscular strength.

What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein which provides structure to your body , including bones , skin, tendons, and ligaments, a major component of connective tissues.

Recently, collagen has gained importance in the fitness industry. As per studies it is known to benefit athletes in many ways. Buy Collagen

Nutrients that increase collagen production

Eating high quality protein gives your body the amino acids it needs.

  • Vitamin C
  • Proline
  • Glycine
  • Copper

What hinders collagen synthesis?

  • High intake of processed foods
  • Sugary drinks and food
  • Alcohol and smoking
  • Release of Cortisol (stress hormone) in stressful situations.

 Post impact of Marathon race on Runners

Marathon is a long distance race event ,in which a runner has to cover an official distance of 42 kms approximately. Although, it takes place  on the road, it can even  happen over different terrains, cross country uneven roads or on hills. The optimum performance and fastest ultra-marathon race times are usually  achieved at the age between 35–45 years or older.

 Post marathon leads to an energy deficit state in runners, which further results in  reduction of body fat and skeletal muscle mass. Also, at this age, both men and women are prone to having injuries, as  collagen starts reducing, and any inadequacy in nutrients can lead to degradation of muscle fibres, bones prone to demineralisation  and fractures. Therefore, the impact of running can be tough on your body as it directly affects the bones, ligaments and tendons as collagen basically holds it together.

Recent research suggests that collagen improves age related joint issues or preventing injuries, and helps in recovery due to strenuous physical activity post marathon. Hence, it becomes crucial for marathon runners to include a high protein and nutrient balanced diet along with use of Collagen supplements in order to maintain their health and performance.

Why Steadfast Collastead ?

  • It is type 1 collagen , which is marine sourced that assures to be safe and highly absorbable source as compared to other sources.
  • Collagen molecules are too big to be absorbed directly, so collagen peptides (smaller particles) are better for the body.  They easily get transported into the targeted cells, eg skin, bones and  cartilages  act as a building block.
  • The presence of Rosehip extract which is rich in vitamin C,  has anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties that supports better absorption of collagen peptides.

 Collastead Benefits for runners

  • Improved mobility and joint health
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Increased muscle synthesis
  • Reduces ageing
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Promotes gut health and immunity 

To conclude, collagen helps in injury prevention, prevents degradation of muscle fibres, and offers proper recovery post marathon in runners. Check SN Best Collagen

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