Protein helps control many metabolic processes in the body and helps repair body tissues.

It is an essential nutrient when it comes to building muscles, the leaner body mass, the more active we become. Therefore, to get the power of protein including enough protein in terms of both quality and quantity matters for consistent performance. 

Choose your protein source wisely

There are many sources of protein, but it varies in terms of quantity and bioavailability. The reason animal sources of protein are considered complete as they offer a complete range of amino acids. Example milk and milk products, eggs, chicken, seafood and the supplements that can be derived from milk. Milk offers whey protein and casein, the former one is fast-digesting protein and the later one is a slow-digesting protein.

On the other hand, plant sources of protein except soybean are incomplete as they offer one or less essential amino acids. Example: pea, legumes, nuts.

Why “whey” is the preferred supplement among other sources of supplements?

It is widely recommended to use whey due to the possible reasons listed below:-

1. It is available in 3 forms with varying protein, fat and lactose %. So, one can choose as per the requirement. For instance, people who are on a very low carb diet can choose to isolate form, people who are lactose intolerant can choose either isolate or hydrolase. Also, people who face digestive issues can go for hydrolase form.

Table: Primary difference among whey concentrate, isolate and hydrolase  


Whey Concentrate 

Whey Isolate 

Whey Hydrolase 



> 90 

> 90 (protein is in pre digested form)








0.5 or less


2. Whey protein offers ample supply of cysteine amino acid, which helps enhance glutathione levels, which is a known antioxidant known to fight oxidative stress as well as in increasing immunity.

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3. Whey protein offers a higher concentration of BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids), which are important for the role in muscle recovery, by the synthesis of new muscle fibre and prevent muscle catabolism.

4. It is easy to include in our diet in the form of various recipes, as suitable to be mixed in water, milk and flavour can be considered for making shakes, fruit smoothies, pancakes, etc.

5. The Net Protein Utilisation (NPU) is next to the egg, which is taken as a benchmark to compare all the sources. It is the most well-tolerated form of protein, and also in terms of taste that is widely accepted, quickly absorbed.

To summarise, active people and athletes especially prefer using whey protein to follow an active lifestyle and maintain body composition. Buy whey protein


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