The protein for elite bodybuilding warriors at their best! The requirement of protein is more among competitive physique athletes like bodybuilders, powerlifters. Why Warmax? Because they need the best of everything. It is not just good, but the optimum amount. Be it strength training, nutrition requirement or recovery and rest.

Steadfast Nutrition has been catering to the nutrition needs of all types of athletes as we understand their requirements. Warmax is the most exclusive recovery formula specially designed for strength athletes.

If you are wondering, there are many protein supplements in the market which offers you the same amount of protein per serve .i.e. 32 gms. Then what makes this one stand apart?

What Makes It Unique?

Ultra-fast release protein coming from Whey Protein Hydrolysate and Whey Protein Isolate, that gets quickly assimilated to maximise muscle recovery. It helps in the synthesis of the new muscle fibres and recovery of muscles due to the presence of BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acid), mainly Leucine i.e. the main anabolic amino acid, and single-serve offers 3200 mg of leucine.

L-Carnitine helps provide increased cellular energy and utilise stored fat to be used as fuel while accelerating metabolism. It is a conditionally essential nutrient and is required during a strenuous workout for better performance and mainly stored in muscles. It also helps resist fatigue by decreasing muscle soreness. Moreover, it helps provide lean and shredded physique.

Rosehip extract acts as an anti-inflammatory and lowers the inflammation, while a high content of vitamin C reduces the oxidative stress-induced due to intensive weight lifting training. Also, it helps to alleviate DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness) effect.

Glutamine is the abundant amino acid naturally present in our body, but the levels of glutamine can go down whenever the body is under physical stress. So, glutamine helps boost immunity, as it is involved in improving gut health by acting as a fuel for your intestinal muscles. Moreover, immunity starts from good gut health and most of the immune cells are nurtured there.

Arginine amino acid helps increase nitric oxide in the blood, ensuring a continual supply of oxygen and other nutrients to the muscles. It will help boost overall performance during training and competition.

The presence of digestive enzymes will put less load on the digestion system, also it is a sugar-free formula and enriched with natural cocoa powder for smooth chocolaty flavour.

So, physique warriors, it's time to embrace this product for increased muscular strength, maximise your strength performance and get that shredded physique.

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