Good and adequate nutrition is a must for everyone. Nutrition requirements of athletes vary from a sedentary person. Their nutrient requirements are high and any inadequacy may affect their athletic performance. Professional athletes are advised to take care of their diet along with exercise and workout for optimal results. Strength and endurance athletes have different nutrition requirements. Athletes are always in need of high energy levels and high protein to prevent muscle loss.

Protein supplements are popular among athletes. Protein needs increase and may vary between 1.2-2 g protein per kg body weight per day. To meet such high needs, protein supplements are an excellent option. Protein supplements are widely available in the market with various compositions to fulfil our needs. Most of the athletes are fond of whey protein supplements. Whey protein isolates are preferred by many due to fewer carbohydrates and fat content.

Unfortunately, due to this increasing demand, many protein supplements are adulterated with banned or prohibited substances just to amplify the performance and results. Prolonged consumption of such supplements may lead to serious health consequences. To combat these issues, Steadfast Nutrition has launched a pure whey isolate supplement by the name of LIV Raw.

LIV Raw contains 90% pure whey isolate with added BCAA. It has been carefully formulated by experts and physicians to provide the best nutrition in one single sachet. LIV Raw is also popular among athletes who understand the value of adequate nutrition. BCAA are essential amino acids which are naturally present in whey protein but what makes LIV Raw unique is the additionally added BCAA. LIV Raw doesn’t contain any artificial colour, flavour or thickener and provides 27 grams pure isolate per 30 grams sachet serving. It provides a total of 6.3 grams of BCAA and 12.6 grams of Essential Amino Acids.

Athletes are often fond of consuming fruit or vegetable smoothies as they are quick, easy to prepare and loaded with nutrients. Athletes prefer LIV Raw to smoothies as well. Being unflavoured, athletes can easily make multiple food combinations using fruits, nuts, vegetables, seeds, dates, peanut butter, etc. as per their liking. It won’t be incorrect to say that LIV Raw acts as a complete power-packed meal or snack for them.

Another reason why LIV Raw is the first choice of athletes is its packaging. Endurance athletes are always required to travel to various locations for practice sessions and competitions. Since LIV Raw comes in sachet serving, this reduces the burden of carrying huge bulky boxes for athletes. Whenever required, athletes have hygienically intact sachet by offering them the same quality and quantity in every serve.

LIV Raw is a premium quality protein supplement which makes it a must for pro athletes. 27 grams of pure isolate protein provides an instant release of amino acids for quick muscle recovery and synthesis of new muscles. It comes with the additional benefits of added BCAA which not only reduces muscle soreness, exercise fatigue but also prevents muscle wasting. LIV Raw is completely safe for prolonged consumption since it doesn’t have any side effects at all. Check best whey protein range. 


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