Nowadays, supplements come to our rescue as most of us are not able to meet the nutrition requirements during our anabolic window. 

Post workout supplements are more common, especially protein supplements. Although, these post-workout supplements might be needed if you are not able to eat anything immediately after your workout. 

There is a high need for post-workout recovery nutrition, especially if they are high-intensity workouts, as this has a huge amount of micro-damage in your muscles. What do strenuous workouts do? They put a huge impact on your body by increasing the circulating cortisol and oxidants, which causes more breakdown and potentially placing the body in a “catabolic environment.”

It exactly is the best time, also known as “the anabolic window,” when fulfilling proper nutrition needs can actually turn around the catabolic environment created in the body. It is basically the most sensitive time to nutritional intervention within 30 minutes after your workout. But it doesn’t mean that if you’re not able to eat within 30 minutes then, you won't gain on your muscle. But many studies certainly suggest that it is the best time and there is no harm in taking it within 30 minutes.

However, the problem is that many are not able to eat a proper meal or snack on something that is a combination of protein and carbohydrates immediately post heavy workout. Many possible factors could be not enough time to cook, reaching home late, taking showers post-workout, etc.

So, here comes the role of supplements to make your life simpler and convenient. 

What are the basic ingredients most importantly needed for proper recovery?

BCAAs - Building blocks of your muscle protein

Leucine, isoleucine and valine are the 3 BCAAs, which are needed to stimulate muscle synthesis. It is suggested that these three amino acids stimulate greater anabolic effects. Also, having them at least in the required quantity will give you results. It is advisable to have a minimum of 5 gm of it post-workout.


A high-intensity workout leaves you tired and exhausted and lowers your glucose levels as well. Lifting heavy weights or explosive movements like high knee squat jumps etc quickly uses your muscle supply of glycogen. So simple carbohydrates post-workout helps replenish back your glucose and glycogen level. Furthermore, you should prefer supplements which contain less sugar or no sugar and carbohydrates like dextrose. Also, at least 35-40 gms of carbohydrate post-workout is required which works best in combination with protein providing BCAAs.


Benefits of essential vitamins like vitamin C and E are great antioxidants that work by enhancing the protective effects with DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness) and higher elevated oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC). So, an upper limit of vitamin E is not more than 1000 mg. 


To maximise your recovery, do not forget to hydrate yourself, as fluid is responsible for carrying nutrients to your body.

Therefore, a protein supplement shake with BCAAs, in combination with some carbohydrates can work best for you. But, do not forget to have a wholesome meal as it is important for proper recovery. 

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