Steadfast Nutrition Supplements Propel Athletes to Big Wins at IHFF 2022

Steadfast Nutrition Supplements Propel Athletes to Big Wins at IHFF 2022

Steadfast Nutrition once again showed its power at Asia’s biggest health and fitness festival- The International Health, Sports, and Fitness Festival (IHFF) 2022, which took place from June 17 to 19 at Pragati Maidan in the heart of New Delhi. Navneet Kaur won the coveted the pro card presented by the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) in the Women's Fitness division of India's biggest bodybuilding competition- The Sheru Classic Pro Qualifiers. Winning an IFBB Pro Card is a dream for millions of bodybuilders. It places the athletes in the elite category, giving them a chance to compete in international pro league championships.

Steadfast Athletes also handsomely won in the bikini division of the Sheru Classic, with Annu Doley and Tapasya Solanki taking home silver and bronze, respectively. Archana Chauhan, another Steadfast Athlete, grabbed first position in the powerlifting deadlift competition. Archana also took part in the Strongman Championship, winning three of the four contests held under its ambit. The Steadfast Athlete won the gold in the front hammer hold, silver in the monster dumbbell lift, and bronze in the women's bench press events.

Besides regular workouts, supplements also play a major role in preparations, as they make it much easier to get the necessary nutrients to build muscles and provide an advantage by allowing enhanced training.

Steadfast provided all its athletes with world-class sports nutrition, including recovery, pre-work, intra-workout, and wellness supplements. Their impact was so great that many Steadfast Athletes found themselves in the form of their lives and delivered medal-winning performances. All of them credited Steadfast Nutrition for their excellent shape and performance.

The fact that Steadfast Athletes have been leading the medal tally year after year at the IHFF doesn’t just reflect the understanding of sports the organisation has, but it also shows the power and strength Steadfast Nutrition supplements provide to sportspeople. Steadfast is truly living up to the idea behind its foundation, which was to bridge the gap between athletes and premium sports nutrition.

Other Steadfast Athletes who competed in the event included one of the brightest Indian bikini stars Surbhi Jaiswar, NPC Nationals gold medalist Neithongunuo Rio Achumi, NPC North India gold medallist Ratna Verma, popular bodybuilding coach Pawan Jatwa, and the very hard-working bikini athlete Herlyn Kaur.

Hailing the incredible performance of Steadfast Athletes, founder of Steadfast Nutrition, Aman Puri, said, "To see Steadfast Athletes winning event after event and leading the IHFF medal tally year after year is obviously pleasing to the eye, but what’s more important is that our athletes have been able to demonstrate the quality of Steadfast Nutrition supplements in front of the sports fraternity. It’s their physiques and enhanced ability that sets Steadfast Nutrition as an example and makes the organisation For Athletes, By Athletes'. "

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