Steadfast Nutrition, a premium sports and wellness nutrition brand, has left no stone unturned in transforming people’s lives by providing good quality nutrition and services beyond healthcare. Diwali was no different and Steadfast did something different from its regular sporting events by tying up with the Residents  Welfare Association in Noida’s Sector 34 to encourage people to celebrate in a healthy way

Steadfast Nutrition products cater to all age groups from 5 to 95 years. Living up to the expectations, our team met people from diverse professions and age groups and resolved queries to meet their unmet nutrition requirements. 

The team’s enthusiasm knew no bounds and the nutritionist resolved many queries, breaking quite a few myths on food, nutrition, health, and lifestyle. 

Steadfast believes in nurturing the youth- an initiative started in 2019- by educating kids about the importance of nutrition. The company ensured that it shared its infinite knowledge during the event. The high point of the event was Steadfast’s signature Sachet Challenge Competition, a flexibility test in both kids and adults participated and won gift hampers. 

Also in attendance was Steadfast Nutrition Distributor Rajesh Cycles, who exhibited his bicycles to encourage the youth to take up cycling as a lifestyle sport. 

Steadfast nutritional supplements were a big draw for the people, which resulted in a bulk distribution of brochures.

Celebrating Diwali as a team is always wonderful- it brings so many people together. It was not just all work for Team Steadfast at the event. There were so many moments worth cherishing.

The event ended on a high note with the fun games organised by Steadfast.  From the innovative Ram and Ravana game, to the popular Pass The Parcel, Tambola, and Musical Chairs, the amusements were a great draw amongst the attendees.

Steadfast Nutrition founder Mr Aman Puri motivated participants throughout the event, raising everyone’s confidence level. 

Steadfast Nutrition truly made the festival of lights more meaningful by lighting the lamp of knowledge among the people.

Steadfast has indeed lit up the lives of people by making them aware of the value good nutrition and by propelling countless athletes to big wins and stellar performances. Besides making its presence felt in sporting events across India, the company regularly conducts CSR activities and other initiatives to spread awareness about the significance of the right nutrition and has empowered people to fight malnutrition and embrace a healthy lifestyle.


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