Ever since I was a little kid, all I've ever wanted is to play basketball professionally. I was always enthusiastic about the game and used to practice for countless hours every day. I went through a lot of rejection while growing up and even in Canada (I did my undergrad from there). I decided that it's time I switch to something, so I started working out properly. I started focusing more on my fitness and strength. I started training hard every single day and focusing on my diet.  Became MVP in the same team that I was cut from by the coach.Finished rank #1 as the best shooter in Manitoba in the NBA 3 point contest. 
Steadfast has made life so much easier for me. I'm now very regular with my supplements because Steadfast has made it so convenient to consume the products. Can carry them around cause they're single sachets which are so convenient to use. I love all the different flavours and new interesting flavours they keep coming up. Quality products and Steadfast is the way to go!! My favourite product is Collastead as it helps me in recovery. I now rarely face any pain in my joints post my training session as they have been getting the right nourishment from Collastead. Keeping my gut in control by providing the best to my muscles is a miraculous product used by far.
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