Anu Doley, a renowned Steadfast Athlete, has always been an inspiration to women across the globe. Her winning streak continues. The Steadfast Athlete finished fifth in the bikini category at the Amateur Olympia, Italy. The championship was held under the purview of the International Federation for Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB), the governing body of bodybuilders the world over. The event is significant for amateur bodybuilders since it allows them to earn a “pro card”, enabling them to compete in the professional circuit. 

In July this year, Anu won the silver medal (bikini division) at the Sheru Classic Pro Qualifiers. 

Anu credits Steadfast’s supplements for her performance. Prepping for a pro show involves a lot of strength and endurance training. Anu said that the premium supplements helped her meet her requirement for macro and micronutrients. Incredible Whey (Vanilla) helped her in muscle building and muscle recovery.

“The sachets are easy to carry. I keep juggling between my preparation sessions and managing my studio; I take them wherever I want to get my nutrition on time. Incredible Whey helped me in muscle building and muscle recovery,” Anu said. 

Asked about what keeps her motivated, Anu said, “The adrenaline rush I experience when I’m on stage keeps me going. Step-by-step progress always encourages me to push my boundaries.”

As a wellness coach, Anu is Steadfast in her choice of supplements. She has been taking Steadfast Nutrition supplements for one year. Though she likes almost every supplement, her favourites are Incredible Whey (Vanilla), Active BCAA, CollaStead (Blueberry), Multivitamin, and Fish Oil.

Anu also spoke about the struggles she faced in her journey. “The biggest challenge every female athlete faces is to balance their personal and professional life. I am a mother of two and independently handle my studio with the preparation, which comes with its own set of challenges.”

Few women athletes continue their sporting career (especially bodybuilding) once they have children. Anu says her motivation comes from being able to motivate other women. 

“My motivation is that I’m able to motivate every woman in India to believe that they have the potential to make a change anytime in their life by believing in themselves and exploring every opportunity they get,” she said. 

Anu has competed on many international platforms. She was the second runner-up in the WBFF European Pro Diva Fitness Model Competition in London (2018) and finished among the top five in the 2019 NPC Worldwide Shawn Classic IFBB Pro League held in Vietnam.

She is confident about her decision to be a Steadfastian. The Steadfast athlete was all praises for the brand for providing her with good quality supplements and supporting her in her journey. 

“Steadfast has not just helped me by providing top-notch supplements, but their support made my journey a lot easier. They understand the requirement of an athlete’s body and give them supplements as per their requirement. 

As she climbs the stair to success, Anu has become an inspiration to many aspiring bikini athletes. “Age is just a number. If I can have the spirit to compete despite managing my studio, and take responsibility for my family and children, then I do not think we have any excuses or struggle which we can not get through. So, step out of your comfort zone, keep your head high and see the magic of hard work knock on your door.”

Anu is unstoppable. Her future goal is to give her best, keep her spirits high and not think much about the result. In a nutshell, the Steadfast family is proud to have Anu as a Steadfast Athlete as she continues on her journey to give power-packed performances one after the other. 

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