Do you strive for an active lifestyle? Then, here are we with the best of solutions designed only for you. We all know both nutrition and exercise play a crucial role in maintaining a good mental and physical health. A good lifestyle is all about having the energy for daily activities, work, play and still be able to manage any stressful situation. So, it is an interdependent cycle! But, how do we get there?

How about a health supplement mix which activates your power mode and at the same time can be your ideal daily nutritious drink!

Introducing, Power Active which is a blend of both macro and micronutrients along with special amino acids, specially formulated to provide energy and recovery.

Power Active - An ideal daily nutrition drink

In view of the growing popularity of ‘health drinks,’ what makes Power Active distinct from the rest? It is not a malt-based beverage sold in the name of ‘nutrition or health drinks’ which are mostly high in sugar and less on a nutritional level.

Power Active is a perfect energy revitalising and recovery solution, which provides 16 gm protein and 14 gm carbohydrates. Kick start your day with power active shake made in water or milk taken at breakfast or as a minor meal replacer in between the meals. An ideal ratio of protein and carbohydrates along with certain essential vitamins and minerals aids in bridging the nutritional gap between dietary intake and actual daily nutritional needs.

It is chocolatey with natural cocoa powder that imparts the flavour not just to pamper your taste buds but also to reduce stress, anxiety and mood disorders as ‘phenethylamine’ compound is responsible to do so.

It can be taken by all be it children, adults, fitness enthusiasts.

 Power Active for an improved Athletic performance

SN Power Active

Power Active gives instant and sustained energy from multi-source carbohydrates for optimal energy with no calories coming from sugar! So, no energy used comes from sugar!

The goodness of milk-derived whey protein concentrate and skimmed milk powder which are fast-releasing and easily digestible proteins. They provide a complete profile of all the required essential amino acids, which prevents muscle loss and promotes muscle synthesis. Therefore, it speeds up the recovery if taken post sports performance or exercise.

Additionally, according to Carvalho et al. 2017, Taurine is a special amino acid which reduces fatigue, decreases protein catabolism and therefore muscle damage as its exhibits anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Another special ingredient, L- carnitine acts as an ergogenic aid which delays fatigue and improves physical performance. A study done by Sung et al. 2016 showed it has glycogen sparing effect, as it promotes oxidation of fatty acids, might reduce lactic acid build up and inhibits oxidative stress by activating endogenous antioxidant activity. Thus, the addition of these two amino acids makes it a pro drink for athletes as it oxygenates and fuels the muscles for any prolonged sports and improved physical performance.

 Power Active - Health Benefits

Boosts Immunity:-Strong immunity is proportional to good health. Presence of Vitamin A, D, E, K, C, B9 and B12 help strengthen the immune system. Furthermore, glutathione and immunoglobulins which are natural antioxidants in whey powder and the added presence of Taurine fights free radicals, hence reducing cell damage.

Maintains hydration and electrolytic balance:- Minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and B complex water-soluble vitamins are lost in sweat during physical activity or humid weather conditions. This may lead to muscle cramps, weakness or dehydration. Hence, it's important to replenish back these important micronutrients to maintain fluid balance in our body.

Weight Management:-It contains high-quality proteins, essential nutrients and limited carbohydrates, which can be taken as a minor meal replacer providing 131.6 Kcals. Also, L-carnitine is known to promote oxidation of stored fat, energy production and boost metabolism. A study by Kalpana, Aruna.(2012) showed positive weight loss in overweight and obese individuals.

In a nutshell, get ready to be transformed from being lethargic, frail, lazy to energetic, stronger and active you! Additionally, one serve sachet form makes it easy to carry and use with precise quality. Thus, Power Active as the name suggests revitalises the power to be active!


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