When people cycling started, it was just a means of transportation. The origin of cycling has its roots in the gardens of the Palais Royal in Paris, France. In 1791, the Comte de Sivrac was spotted riding a rigid two-wheeled contraption called a celerifere. The first documented cycling race was of 1200 meters, held on 31 May 1868, at the Park of Saint-Cloud, Paris. Since then, we have come a long way. 100 years ago cycling was a way of life, now it has grown into a world-level sport, and for the people who are into it, it's a way of life only for them. 

To carry out its daily routine our body requires energy. It derives it from vitamins, minerals and protein which is present in the body. Our body is like a building block which is made of many compositions and requires a source of energy daily. Our body requires around 2500 calories per day to carry out our daily activities. So the need of taking some extra protein is not that much as we generally don’t perform much of exercise that of a professional cyclist, who may be training for hours every day and his intake level of calories would be much more than us.

A professional cyclist would require an extra source of protein as the energy requirement of his body would be more than that of a normal person. He would need to consume more as his depletion level of energy would be at a much faster rate. So to compensate that gap and to make sure that he has that right amount of energy source, consumption of extra protein is the need of the hour. If in his diet there is less protein, then he can have muscle cramps, muscle weakness and soreness which are only few which may happen because of lack of protein in the body.

To make sure that a cyclist gets the right amount of nutrition, Steadfast Nutrition has come up with Power Protein. A single serving sachet of 40 grams with a unique blend of slow & fast releasing proteins, also has whey Protein Concentrate, Wheat Protein, Calcium Caseinate and Natural Cocoa Powder which are formulated to deliver a gradual release of amino acids for muscle recovery. For a cyclist, the most important thing is muscle recovery, so this product has been formulated keeping the same in mind. Since it has 29.2 grams of fast and slow-release proteins that repair and recover muscles after an intense workout session, it is advised to be consumed within 30 minutes of post-workout.


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