Coronavirus has been pushing people to up their masking game to stay protected and not get affected by the virus. As the chances of getting infection have gone up multiple times with the double mutant and triple mutant coronavirus variants. 

What is double masking? 

When a person wears one mask on top of another, it is termed as ‘double masking. The outer mask is said to apply gentle pressure on the edges of the inner mask creating a better seal blocking about 85.4 percent of the particles.

According to a study by the United States Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (US CDC), wearing a mask that can tightly fit your face is effective against the prevention of coronavirus.

Dos & Don’ts of Double Masking:

Among the two masks, one mask should be a surgical mask, and the other one, a cloth mask. Using the same combination of the masks i.e. two surgical or two cloth masks are not known to be that effective.

To ensure a more snug fit and limited entry of particles one should use the surgical masks knotted at the loops tucking in the extra material.

Use the surgical mask under a cloth mask making sure that you are breathing comfortably.

Do not wash the surgical mask, replace once used too many times.

Note: Do not try to double mask with an N-95 mask as these are more effective and can be used without double masking.

When to double mask? 

Going out shopping

Visiting the doctor

Travelling with unknown people via plane, train, or public transport

At work where you cannot maintain physical distancing

It is better to wear the mask at home for some time before stepping out where you won’t get a chance to redo it any sooner. 

So mask up and get ready to fight the odds!


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