When runners are asked — Why do they run? Majority of them have said it is like meditation, as it makes them feel very calm and peaceful. As at that time the only person with whom they communicate is themselves only. It makes them realise their true potential, and after all — It is you, against you. Sports teaches one some of the biggest lessons of life. It teaches you to be disciplined, stay calm and peaceful in any situation so that you can think well. But the most vital thing that it teaches is to accept defeat, and there is nothing bad in it, but one should also strive hard next time to conquer failure.

Our body is like a machine which requires a source of energy. But here the source of energy is vitamins and minerals. It is because these micronutrients play a critical role in essential micronutrients which affects energy metabolism. Since energy is the core of everything around us, we must consume the right source of energy to get the desired results. In our body, there are a total of 13 vitamins. Out of these 4 are fat-soluble (A, D, E and K) and remaining 9 are water-soluble.

So, keeping in mind the body requirements we created SN Multivitamin Tablet - a premium supplement that has been designed to meet the daily nutrient needs of all individuals. SN multivitamin is an exclusive blend of 18 minerals and 12 vitamins, natural phytonutrients, EPA, DHA, carotenoids, bioflavonoids. It also has natural extracts of super antioxidant-rich herbs like green tea, grape seeds and Ginkgo Biloba. All the ingredients in it work together in improving the overall health and well-being. Buy multivitamin.  

The most common injuries which a marathon runner or sprinter suffer are either Achilles tendon or back injury. A professional marathon runner runs around 60 to 70 km in a week or more depending upon his training sessions. So one can imagine if a person is training at that level, they would be more prone to injuries. So, to make sure that he/she does not suffer from muscle soreness, muscle fatigue, inflammation in joints, etc. one has to add Omega 3 fatty acid daily in the diet. Since Omega 3 fatty acid has anti-inflammatory properties it also improves vision, decreases muscle soreness and fatigue.

Since the requirement of a runner is much more than a normal person, as he trains for longer duration and during the training with an ample loss of sweat and electrolyte, so the daily requirement must be at least 1-2 capsules of multivitamin so that he gets the lost energy and prevent any kind of deficiency.

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