Guidelines for Asymptomatic & Mild COVID-19 Patients

COVID has been wreaking havoc in the country so it is important to identify the type of covid that one is suffering from. 

Below are the two types of cases:

The asymptomatic cases are laboratory-confirmed not experiencing any symptoms and having oxygen saturation at room air of more than 94%. 

Clinically assigned mild cases are patients with upper respiratory tract symptoms (&/or fever) without shortness of breath and having oxygen saturation at room air of more than 94%.

Such patients should stay indoors at their residence for self-isolation also quarantining the family contacts. The patients suffering from Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart disease, Chronic lung/liver/ kidney disease, Cerebro-vascular disease, etc. shall only be allowed home isolation after proper evaluation by the treating medical officer.

Tips to be followed by patients & caretakers:

One should discard masks only after disinfecting them with 1% Sodium Hypochlorite.

A patient must take rest and drink a lot of fluids to maintain adequate hydration.

Follow respiratory etiquettes at all times.

Frequent handwashing with soap and water for at least 40 seconds or clean with an alcohol-based sanitiser.

Don’t share personal items with other people in the household.

Keep your surroundings clean such as the surfaces in the room that are touched often.

Monitor the blood oxygen saturation with a pulse oximeter.

When to consult medical attention:

Difficulty in breathing,

Dip in oxygen saturation (SpO2 < 94% on room air)

Persistent pain/pressure in the chest

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