Oct 11, 2021

Eight leaders embarked on a journey of 800 km into the heart of the Himalayas from September 5-13 to discuss climate change, and deliver the message of staying fit. Steadfast Nutrition, which joined hands with sports event company CtriS for the one-of-its-kind initiative, was with them every step of the way. From providing nutritional supplements to sustain the athletes through the expedition, to behind-the-scenes preparations, Steadfast Nutrition once again showed its commitment to being a catalyst for change in the country.

During the expedition, the CEOs brainstormed about climate issues in the cold desert of Lahaul Spiti by interacting with climate scientists, experts and local leaders on the ground. In their statement about the mission, the leaders said they had identified the main concerns around climate change. Satisfied with the outcome, the riders were especially full of praise for the Steadfast supplement Peanut Butter and said it sustained them throughout the expedition, providing the necessary energy all the way. They were also grateful for the Steadfast products Snergy and Carborance, best for endurance challenges. The riders had been instructed on how and when to consume the supplements to achieve the most gains.

Asked about its claim that Steadfast products were healthy and safe. The Steadfast team told the riders that the reason was that Steadfast founder, Mr Aman Puri, is himself a high endurance athlete and Steadfast Nutrition's parent organisation is a pharmaceutical company, which ultimately make all Steadfast products 100% organ friendly. Even before the expedition, the team had conducted a Q&A session with the athletes to clear all their doubts before the expedition.

Steadfast Nutrition not only fulfilled its duties of being a nutritional partner for the event, but it also had a starring role in other activities, from organising the felicitation ceremony, having meaningful discussions with riders on climate change, to being the perfect hosts. Team Steadfast did it all and was praised by one and all for its hospitality.

From the first day to the last, from seeing the riders off at 5:30 am in the chilly mountains of Shimla, to joining them at pitstop Theog, to ensuring all riders departed safely once the trip ended, Steadfast Nutrition was with the riders every step of the way. The cyclists were also accompanied by 30 local kid MTB riders for the initial phase of the ride from Shimla to Theog. The MTB riders, who were preparing for the national championship, sought advice from the Steadfast staff about their dietary needs. The trip from Shimla to Theog was thrilling for the passengers. Since the route included both uphill and downhill portions, the cyclists' energy levels fluctuated.

At the conclusion of the journey, the cyclists spoke about the hardships they had encountered, which included battling heavy rains and landslides. The riders unanimously praised the efforts of Steadfast Nutrition during their sessions with the audience.

Team Steadfast used the event as an opportunity to speak to the leaders and attendees on the growing relevance of fitness for human existence. "Irrespective of how hectic your schedule is, you should always incorporate workouts in your routine," it said in a statement. The goal of the expedition- to hold leaders up as role models for the rest of the world. With its stellar role at the CEOs' green ride expedition, Steadfast Nutrition, once again demonstrated that the brand was 'For athletes, by athletes.’