An experienced bodybuilder with over 18 years of experience in the sport and with several state, national and international titles to his name, Rohit Shetty is one of the few people who have accumulated a lot of knowledge about the ins and outs of the sports nutrition industry. 

When he is not busy sculpting his physique and winning titles he devotes his time to helping and guiding people to achieve their fitness goals as a fitness coach and trainer.

Having seen many things and having tried multiple brands he has decided to join hands with Steadfast Nutrition, read about his decision in his own words: 

What do you think makes Steadfast Nutrition different from the others?

Steadfast’s history of making medicines for renal care makes them an ideal company in the field of nutritional supplements since it is one which requires knowledge about the organs. This sets them apart from the competition and instils a sense of complete confidence in the user for long term use of their products.

Why did you choose to join hands with Steadfast Nutrition ?

Along with the history that Steadfast has in the medicine field and their convenient sachet packaging, I feel it is really important to promote and use the products of Indian companies so as to support an upcoming market in India and boost the economy of our nation, it is almost out of loyalty for my country. 

Where do you see the Indian sports nutrition industry in the coming years ?  

If more Indian companies make quality, use of genuine ingredients and the health of their end users their top most priority the same way Steadfast Nutrition has it can surely boom quickly enough for us to see significant shifts in the market in the next couple of years.

Which product according you to is the ideal nutritional supplement ? 

I believe that whey isolates like LIV RAW do an integral and stellar job when it comes to sports nutrition, especially when one is involved in a sport like bodybuilding which requires a high protein diet, it becomes extremely tough to consume the ideal amount of protein without going over your set calorie count through solid food and that is where whey isolate supplements really help an athlete achieve the required amount of protein and recover quicker.

What the future holds…

The dedication and resolve that Rohit has not just for the sport of competitive bodybuilding but also for helping and mentoring others resembles greatly with the goals and vision of Steadfast Nutrition, this coupled with the immense amount of energy that he brings to the Steadfast Nutrition family is a cue for many exciting things that are to come in the near future!


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