As a contest prep nutritionist/coach, the number 1 priority goal is to exceed any expectation that you have as a client. No matter what your goal is - we will achieve it, that's one thing you can count on!
Your plan will be personalised based on your current body type, age and lifestyle to ensure your set up for success. Your progress will get monitored closely to ensure you don't ever plateau or become stagnant. Being a bodybuilder myself, I have an eye for what to look for a winning physique. You will get full email ( & WhatsApp access throughout our time together, and I only need your full commitment and belief.

Below is a list of my plans and price points, looking forward to hearing back from you.
- Customised Diet
- Workout schedule keeping in mind bringing up your weak areas
- PROFESSIONAL SUPPLEMENT ADVICE on what to use and when to make changes.
- Weekly updates with pictures to gauge your progress
- Designing of performance enhancers & precautionary medicines with guidance on required tests to keep your health in check.