Tri Fibre has Improved my Digestive Health; Like Warmax and Incredible Isolate: Steadfast Athlete Chaitra Narendra

Tri Fibre has Improved my Digestive Health; Like Warmax and Incredible Isolate: Steadfast Athlete Chaitra Narendra

Athlete Chaitra Narendra is a gifted artist who wants to compete at the highest level on the sports field. She won the gold in her debut competition at the 2018 KFA Classic Women's Bikini championship— just 28 days before  marriage and the hectic schedule.

Like many others, Chaitra began her journey by trying to shed the additional pounds she had gained due to unhealthful eating habits and lack of exercise.

She began training with a friend and gradually grew more determined to become the best version of herself.

Chaitra started her weight loss journey with the limited information she had. She excluded carbohydrates from her diet and did cardio and body weight training, becoming skinny and losing muscle. She couldn’t join a gym because of family restrictions and lied about visiting one for 2.5 years, after which she finally made her parents understand her passion. Eventually, when she started the gym, she wasn’t that good with her techniques and forms of workout because she didn’t have money to hire a coach, was doing everything wrong, and had to face many injuries as well.

An Instagram influencer, Chaitra frequently posts motivational videos of her workouts.

Chaitra faced her share of struggles as a woman in the fitness world but remained unfazed and emerged stronger. 

“They criticise you for everything you do, for things you wear, the way you look, the way you present yourself, so it’s a struggle every day.”

She says women who want to enter the fitness industry should prioritise themselves first, not care about people’s opinions, and live life on their terms.

Chaitra has been associated with Steadfast Nutrition since 2020, a little before the lockdown. She says the time was right since Steadfast Nutrition supported her with supplements. Her favourite is Tri Fibre, which she credits for improving her digestive health, followed by the protein supplements Warmax and Incredible Isolate and Peanut Butter Honey.

“I was lacking supplements and Steadfast helped a lot. We all got supplements from Steadfast Nutrition during the lockdown.  Because of the limited supply of food, they fulfilled my body’s requirements. I am very thankful for that. My favourite product from Steadfast Nutrition is Tri Fibre, which has transformed my digestion in very efficient manner. I love Warmax, Incredible Isolate, and Peanut Butter Honey. I try my best to use every product in my routine. It’s been a long journey with Steadfast Nutrition I am glad we are still together and we have long way to go.

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