Steadfast Athlete Radhika Wali- an Engineer by Profession, Bikini Athlete by Choice

Steadfast Athlete Radhika Wali- an Engineer by Profession, Bikini Athlete by Choice

Radhika Wali, an engineer by profession, believes in leading a healthy lifestyle, which has helped her become the exercise enthusiast she is today. As an athlete, Radhika believes in her capacity to change the lives of others. She has been preparing for IFBB Pro qualifiers and motivating others to adopt a healthy lifestyle for the past two years. The 26 year-old-bikini athlete is currently working as a software engineer.

Radhika’s journey has been a roller coaster ride- she has faced lots of ups and downs in her personal and professional life. Radhika was chubby as a child. She felt sad when people made fun of her weight in college. Radhika began working out in the gym. She lost weight, completely transforming her body. The same people who used to criticise her began to compliment her. She met her husband, a gym owner, during her fitness journey.

Her husband later became her coach. He helped her and guided her through this tough path. Radhika started lifting heavy weights and developed an interest in competitions. She accompanied her husband to the Sheru Classic in 2018, where she watched the bikini athletes and was inspired to be one herself. 

Radhika started her journey to becoming a pro athlete with her coach Asad Hussein, who is currently training her. The fear of wearing a bikini and stepping on the stage had stopped her from competing previously. However, this year, Radhika has decided to compete in the Sheru Classic to overcome her fear and prove herself to people who doubt her ability to be a bikini athlete.

She believes everyone should stay routine-bound and follow a fixed time of getting up, eating, working out, and sleeping. Radhika excitedly talks about her day, which begins early at 5:00 am. Her morning pre-workout food includes a hot cup of black coffee. She consumes Steadfast Nutrition’s wellness supplements, including Multivitamin, Vitamin D3, Curcumin, LeanFast, Fish Oil, and Iron. Her workout starts in the gym and extends for almost an hour. A rigorous session calls for post-workout recovery, which she gets from her favourite Steadfast product- Incredible Whey (Strawberry flavour). She also likes the collagen peptide CollaStead, which helps her improve her skin, hair, and joint health.

Radhika is all praise for Steadfast Nutrition and its founder Mr Aman Puri for looking after their athletes.

“I approached Steadfast Nutrition after learning about it through one of their athletes, Ms Shikha Thapa. It’s been four years with Steadfast. I haven’t seen any nutrition brand take care of their athletes and their fitness like Steadfast. A big shoutout to Mr Aman Puri who takes care of staff members and athletes like a family. All the Steadfast products are my favourite- the ones I like the most are Incredible Whey (strawberry) and CollaStead. I am grateful to be a part of Steadfast,” says Radhika.

Her hobby is dancing and her passion is fitness.

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