Steadfast Athlete Mihir Deo’s Fitness Mantras: Power Massive, Strength training and Hard Work

Steadfast Athlete Mihir Deo’s Fitness Mantras: Power Massive, Strength training and Hard Work

Steadfast Athlete Mihir Deo lets nothing deter him- not even two major injuries in the same body part, from which he’s currently recovering. The talented triathlete from Pune has never missed a podium in all the duathlons in which he’s participated. He secured the 4th place at Ironman Oman  triathlon in 2019 and participated in the Goa State Senior Triathlon Champion in 2019.

Running a triathlon is gruelling- it’s a an endurance sport that involves swimming, cycling, and running across long distances. Mihir has run several and vouches for Steadfast Nutrition’s supplements role in improving his performance.

“I’ve been using Steadfast Nutrition’s products to aid my recovery for over 3 years, and I can’t even put the results into words. There has been a huge improvement in my performance, without a doubt. More than that, I ‘feel’ better and healthier as the days go by,” writes Mihir on Instagram.

Mihir’s journey in the sports world started when he was introduced to mountain biking, which built his interest in cycling. He later switched to road biking, ran marathons, participated in several duathlons, and finally took up swimming. A triathlete was born of his love for and excellence in these sports.

Mihir has been consistently using Steadfast supplements since 2018 for his training and racing regimes and is a big fan of the mass gainer Power Massive since the very beginning. Check best mass gainer range. 

“I used to be short on calories at the end of the day, but Power Massive always had my back to replenish me with the extra calories I had burnt training all day,” says Mihir. 

Since triathlon is an endurance sport and requires long hours of training, it’s essential to have adequate energy and carbohydrates to perform well. The energy supplement Carborance by Steadfast Nutrition has helped Mihir to compete efficiently in his races. Since the product is unflavoured, it’s light on the stomach and does not hamper his swimming sessions. 

Besides being a professional triathlete, Mihir has always been a fitness enthusiast and strategically planned his workouts, meals, and other fitness regimes. He swears by strength training and takes the protein supplement Power Protein for post-workout recovery after races and training sessions. When the pandemic hit the world, Mihir had already backed himself up so that his training would not get hampered- he had a home-based setup to train himself and keep his body in form. The protein supplement Wheylo has helped Mihir in his keto diet since it’s low in carbohydrate,  high in good fats and is gentle on the stomach.

Being an athlete has its cons as well. Mihir suffered a major cycling crash in 2022, which broke his femur bone the second time. He went through a similar injury in 2016, underwent surgery, and took almost four months to completely recover. But that is life- he’s back to training and slowly getting back in form.

As a triathlete, Mihir has to travel to various places in India and abroad to participate in different races. Steadfast Nutrition’s single-serving sachet formulations are his perfect nutrition partners.

“It has always been super-easy for me to carry my supplements on flights as I did not have to carry big boxes. I also got just the right amount of supplements for my racing days, all thanks to the single-serving sachets by Steadfast,” said Mihir. 

Mihir has also supported Steadfast in fulfilling its vision of making India protein efficient by emphasising the importance of daily protein consumption. Buy mass gainer.

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