Steadfast Athlete and Actor Shikha Chhabra, Living her Father’s Dream

Steadfast Athlete and Actor Shikha Chhabra, Living her Father’s Dream

Shikha Chhabra is an actor and model who has appeared in several commercials and TV shows, including Melting Cheese (2019), Anniversary Surprise (2018), and Hulakoo (2017). Shikha quit the industry for two years and recently made a comeback. Moving from her hometown Ahmedabad to Mumbai, Shikha has faced numerous challenges on the way.

Shikha comes from a middle class Punjabi family where acting was a taboo. Her family believed there was nothing more important than studies. As a child she was always told to study hard and leave everything aside; while growing up, she was told that the aim of her life should be to do MBA and get a great job. She was always good at sports but neglected it for studies. Being studious and always doing well in class, Shikha had never even imagined becoming an actor.

Acting was deep rooted in her- even as a child while playing with her friends she used to act as a model, teacher, parlour lady and found solace in doing so. Her family was not well-off, so she had to start working as a telecaller at the age of 20 to support them and study further.

Shikha completed her MBA, but she was not happy. At 22, she thought of moving to Mumbai and trying out her luck acting, but she was afraid, not knowing anyone in Mumbai or in the industry who could get her work. She had very little money to support her in Mumbai. Her fear kept stoping her from moving. She kept quitting her job every six months, unable to find peace in what she did.

Finally in her late 20s, her father asked her what she planned to do. As she was inconsistent at her jobs and he could see that she was not doing well in her career, he asked her to get married. She finally gathered the courage to tell her father that she wanted to become an actor and move to Mumbai. Initially no one took her seriously- her father laughed when he heard about her aim and dissuaded her, citing relatives’ displeasure. But life had something else in store for her. Her brother moved to Mumbai and her father agreed to let her shift there, but with the condition that she would have to live with her brother.

She stayed with her brother for few months and did an acting course from the Anupam Kher academy. She started doing theatre initially and enjoyed it, but moved to more commercial acting, doing a lot of commercials to begin with. She was even asked to compromise to get a role. However, Shikha never gave up.

One of her friends introduced her to Steadfast Nutrition. As a fitness enthusiast, she eventually became a part of the Steadfast family in 2019.

“Steadfast understood me like family. I met a lot of like minded people and felt that this is the place where I belong. If I say it in filmy style through a song, ‘meri zindagi savari mujhko gale laga kar, bethadiya falak par much khaakh se utha kar’. I am proud to be a part of Steadfast.

Shikha is all praise for the premium, high-quality supplements. Her favourite is CollaStead, for bone, skin, and hair health.

The products are so premium. I really trust the quality. I highly recommend it. I can go anywhere with Steadfast’s scoopless nutrition. All products are my favourite but Collastead is what I use the most to keep my hair and skin healthy, being an actor I really need to do that”, said Shikha Chhabra. 


Shikha was busy all through 2019, but Sushant Singh Rajput’s death in 2020 shook her- she quit the industry for two years. Her father died in 2022. She wanted to quit the industry, but was told by her relatives that her father used to dream of becoming an actor, but couldn’t become one. That was the day she realised she was living her father’s dream.

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