Life’s a dance for Steadfast Athlete Megha Sharma

Life’s a dance for Steadfast Athlete Megha Sharma

Steadfast Athlete Megha Sharma gave up a lucrative corporate career of 12 years to follow her passion for becoming a Zumba instructor. She’s done a course in Zumba  and has worked with the best fitness brands in the last five years, training and transforming numerous lives through dance. She believes that physical and mental fitness are interconnected and can be achieved through dancing.

Corporate experience and a passion for dance helped Megha in her fitness journey- within two years, she became state head of a team of dance fitness trainers.,

Moving from a high-paying corporate job to an artistic profession wasn't easy. Megha had to compromise and move to a sustainable lifestyle, initially leaving behind luxuries to grow in her fitness journey.

Although her family has been very supportive, society still sees these unconventional professional choices as a hindrance to getting married and being accepted professionally. Megha, however, has always listened to her heart and continues learning new skills to become strong and independent.

Megha’s mantra for living her life is simple living and high thinking. Besides dancing, she loves cycling, travelling,  and having fun. Her daily routine starts and ends with dancing.

Megha has been associated with Steadfast Nutrition as a Zumba athlete since 2018.  She says Steadfast Nutrition truly lives up to its motto For Athletes, By Athletes.  The supplements help her get the strength for a cardio-based training session and help her maintain her energy levels. Her favourites are the protein supplement Power Protein and the energy supplement Carborance.

“Steadfast Nutrition and my fitness journey started together years back. The association has been one of my best decisions so far. Besides the record growth in the health supplements industry, Steadfast has always understood the needs of its consumers and athletes and can proudly say that it is truly For Athletes, by Athletes. I learned about supplements and my requirements as a Zumba trainer through them as I was new to health supplements when I joined Steadfast. I am grateful I learned from the best in the industry. My workout is mainly high-intensity cardio, which requires lots of stamina and endurance. Steadfast Nutrition’s supplements have helped me get the strength to take a nonstop session and maintain the same energy throughout, which is necessary for me as a Zumba trainer. Besides managing my micro and macronutrient needs, the wellness and daily essential supplements balance my overall nutrition according to my age and diet.”

“I remember the first two products from Steadfast- Power protein and Carborance. Both came as the session savers in my journey as Carborance helps boost energy during the session, Power Protein helps in muscle recovery. Now we have over 35 products. The best part is how conveniently one can use as they come in sachets and are scoopless. Multivitamin, Fish Oil, Vitamin D3, and CollaStead are my favourite wellness products.

The B Com graduate from Delhi university is currently freelancing and taking personal training sessions in Noida and Gurugram. She plans to open her fitness studio in the coming years and aims to make people fitter and happier dancing—especially women.

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