Hard work, talent, and Carborance: The factors behind success of Team India cyclist Ashish Sherpa

Hard work, talent, and Carborance: The factors behind success of Team India cyclist Ashish Sherpa

Steadfast Athlete and Team India cyclist Ashish Sherpa is a professional mountain biker who has notched numerous podiums, including the MTB national championships. He represents India at International races, represented Himachal Pradesh at the MTB Nationals in 2021 and 2017 and scored a bronze medal in both the years; he was the runner’s up overall at the Hero MTB Shimla 2019 and 2018, one of the toughest mountain bike stage races of the world and is the first Asian to finish and win the Hero MTB Himalaya, a 7-day stage race. The young gun from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh has won podiums at the Aravalli Trail hunters season finale many times. He won the multi-stage MTB Arunachal 2018.

Ashish started cycling with his brother when he was just 9. His professional racing journey began in 2017. He worked hard, training himself and polishing his pedalling techniques. A talented racer, he learnt a lot and bagged podium victories in his races. It was in the year 2018 when he officially started representing India at international races.

Ashish, who is super hard working, never backs out from his training schedule, no matter what the weather and what he is feeling on the inside. He trains everyday to keep getting better.

Ashish has been associated with Steadfast Nutrition since 2019 and takes its supplements. He takes Snergy and Carborance for optimising his energy levels and  Power Active to meet his protein needs. He believes supplements are important since they make up for the lack of protein in his diet.

One can have supplements any time of the day, depending on the intensity of the activity. With instant energy, they offer quick muscle recovery and avoid dehydration. They can be carried around easily and can be easily digested and prevent sudden drop in the blood sugar levels.

“Using products from Steadfast has been a game changer- my energy levels have significantly gone up the ladder. The thrust I feel after consuming the products is just amazing,” says Ashish.

Ashish represented India at the recent UCI XC eliminator 2022 in Ladakh. Racing at such high altitude is not an easy task. Ladakh is a place where people struggle to breathe. Ashish was racing at high speeds and climbing the mountains like a goat. Carborance was his “all-time refueller” when the oxygen and energy levels dropped.

“Carborance was my best buddy at this race. With the oxygen levels dropping and the energies dripping down, Carborance was my all time refueller. I could feel the energy in my legs and lungs and could push throughout the lap.”

Ashish thanks Steadfast for taking care of his nutrition needs.

“I have been really delighted all along this time. I thank Steadfast for being with me and taking care of my nutrition needs. I feel blessed to be backed by the best,” he says.

Steadfast is delighted to back this dauntless athlete and wishes him the best for his upcoming races.

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