Cyclist Rahul Singh on Advantages of Steadfast’s Scoopless Sachets and What has Changed in Cycling Training

Cyclist Rahul Singh on Advantages of Steadfast’s Scoopless Sachets and What has Changed in Cycling Training

Steadfast Athlete Rahul Singh is a professional road cyclist from Delhi who has won the National Championship title three times in a row. His consistency and hard work in training have significantly paid off over the years. Rahul Singh has been associated with Steadfast since its inception and has been taking Steadfast supplements since five years. He has numerous podium finishes to his credit and is a well known personality among the top road bikers of India. Rahul has been one of the most prestigious athletes of Steadfast Nutrition and says the brand’s premium formulations have helped him upscale his performance.

“Being a Steadfast athlete has been a pleasure for me. The premium formulations have helped me upscale my performance during training and racing. The single-serving sachets make it easy to carry my nutrition in my jersey pocket during my rides.”

Rahul says his focus has always been to win the national championship. “Every other domestic event I participate in throughout the year is essentially a form of training for the national championship. I obviously give my best at every event, but my main focus through the year is to bag the national title.” With this vision, Rahul has always strategically planned his training calendars and his nutrition. He uses the protein supplements Power Protein to recover, LIV Raw in the run-up to competitions, and the energy supplement Carborance for carbohydrate loading in the days before a championship.

“I fulfil the bulk of my nutritional requirements using Steadfast Nutrition products. For the major part of the training season, I use Power Protein for recovery, but I switch to LIV RAW at least one and at maximum two months before the competition. Power Protein is my training protein, and LIV RAW is competition protein. I also start consuming  Carborance at night before sleeping in order to carb load in the days leading up to a major championship.”

Rahul has acquired his knowledge about the sport through experience and has inspired many young cyclists to train effectively with a plan to maximise the chances and minimise the time in achieving their goals.

“Since I got my first national title, I have noticed that the competition has gotten tougher with each passing year, which can largely be credited to more knowledge amongst athletes and more efficient training methods. For the longest time, people used to train by keeping heart rate as the primary measure but now there are other demographics put to use as well as power meters and other technologies,” he says.

Apart from his national wins, Rahul has won numerous private races at the pan  India level, winning cash prizes. Rahul has been training with his team and coach since almost 10 years now. And recently he’s started working with the Indian Railways. We wish Rahul best of luck for his upcoming races and hope that Steadfast keeps fuelling him with the best supplements

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