85 kg to Figure Athlete: Steadfast Athlete Madhupriya Jha’s Transformation from Fat to Fit

85 kg to Figure Athlete: Steadfast Athlete Madhupriya Jha’s Transformation from Fat to Fit

From an 85 kg girl to an international figure athlete, fitness trainer and sports nutritionist, Steadfast Athlete Madhupriya Jha’s journey is inspiring. From being fat to gaining more muscle mass and becoming a figure athlete, getting crowned as Miss India Fitness 2018 and getting a pro card, the journey has been beautiful.

The assistant professor from NIFT Mumbai is a figure athlete and sports nutritionist by passion. She faced several twists and turns in her life. Madhupriya was thin in childhood, but as puberty hit, she saw regular weight fluctuations. She gained and lost weight fast without effort, not paying attention to the weight fluctuation. She was thin during her college years. Then weight gain began- from a 50 kg 21-year-old, Madhupriya became 85 kg at 24.  She was never very concerned with the weight gain till she started having health issues like body aches, constant tiredness, acidity, and heartburn. She used to pant while taking the stairs. It was challenging to walk for even five minutes. She suffered chronic lower back pain and shoulder aches, which made it difficult to carry on with day-to-day chores and office.

A foodie, Madhupriya didn’t opt for a fad diet. She is happy she was sensible enough not to diet to lose the extra kilos she had gained. Though body positivity was high, her health reached a new low every day. Her growing weight and health issues were concerning for her mother and elder sister, who motivated her to work out by joining the gym to shed some weight.

Madhupriya was reluctant as the workout made her tired. Her body ached after workout. She wanted to run away when she was given a 21-day challenge. Little did she realise that the 21 days would do wonders for her and there would be no looking back from that point. Madhupriya began her journey of weight loss and muscle mass gain.

Discipline, dedication, and determination kept her motivated.

She says motivation can make you start but will not help you stay on track for a long time.

“There are three components on which I rely for staying on track- one is discipline, which makes you get out of bed and engage in workout. The second is dedication- after her family’s push to concentrate on health, Madhupriya remained dedicated towards health and fitness. The third is determination- she has remained determined to hold her position in the fitness industry, stay on track, work out, and stay healthy. She creates goals and works towards crushing those goals and setting new ones. She believes in making small and realistic goals, which is the key to success.

Madhupriya has been associated with Steadfast Nutrition since 2019. She says Steadfast has kept her motivated to remain fit. Her favourite supplements are the protein supplements Wheylo and Incredible Whey. She also takes the energy drink Playstead, the energy bar SteadCrunch, the collagen peptides Collastead and the wellness products. Steadfast was her nutrition partner during and after her pregnancy. Doctors gave her the go-ahead to take the supplements.

“I have been very sceptical about using supplements as a new mother, but when it comes to Steadfast Nutrition, it has helped me keep my nutrition in check. The products were approved for consumption by my doctor. Wheylo and Incredible Whey are my favourites. I love Herb Fizz. It’s refreshing and tastes really nice. I take CollaStead and the wellness products for my skin, hair, and overall health. Being associated with Steadfast nutrition is a pleasure. The brand creates products, gives them  to athletes, helps us grow, and treats us like family,” she says.

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