Whenever one refers to eating a well-balanced healthy diet as per the body needs, this famous one-liner is used - “Eat like an Olympian”.  An Olympic athlete’s diet plays an important role in determining their athletic performance. Their nutrition needs are high and requirements of both macro- and micro-nutrients are increased. Remember, the U.S. based Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps stated that he used to consume 12,000 Kcal diet per day during his training days. Moreover, the calorie intake of Olympic athletes usually revolves around 3000-4000 Kcal which may vary depending upon his or her age, height, weight, physical activity level and other body needs.

Nutrition requirements are different during the training period, pre- and post-competition. Therefore, food choices also vary catering to specific needs. Steadfast Nutrition offers a wide range of premium sports nutrition supplements which have been carefully formulated addressing the specific nutrition needs. All the supplements have been designed “For Athletes and By Athletes”. Use of premium quality ingredients makes Steadfast Nutrition supplements completely safe for organs for prolonged use, by proving uncompromised nutrition.

Carbohydrates needs of athletes are very high before and during competitions as they have to maintain their energy levels. Any fluctuations or dip can affect their performance adversely. Steadfast Nutrition offers two energy drinks, each having its distinct formulation in keeping energy levels high and preventing muscle cramps. One is the name of Snergy which provides an instant bout of energy for short-duration activities in a delicious orange flavour, whereas Carborance having an exclusive blend of simple and complex carbohydrates provides energy for more than 2 hours, making it perfect for long-duration high endurance demanding activities.

To bear the stress during training every day, complete muscle recovery is essential for the body. Olympians also ensures that their daily protein needs are met to repair the damaged muscles and prevents muscle loss. Protein supplements are famous among them as they are an easy way to deliver high protein content in one single meal without putting much load on the digestive system. Olympic athletes are fond of Steadfast Nutrition protein supplements due to their composition, high protein content and variety. Steadfast Nutrition proteins are customised for perfection, well proportioned, free from heavy metals or any prohibited substances as listed under WADA/NADA, under dietary compliance as per FSSAI and have undergone thorough testing to bring hassle-free, quick results.

Steadfast Nutrition also understands the importance of micronutrients for Olympians like vitamins and minerals in optimising athletic performance and recovery. Our wellness range provides a wide range of Multivitamin, Vitamin D3, Fish Oil, Collastead for joints and Tri Fibre for a healthy gut.

Another reason why Olympic athletes trust and prefer Steadfast Nutrition is due to its unique packaging. Steadfast Nutrition believes in zero compromises on quality. Its tri-layer packaging protects the ingredients from moisture, air and other external factors that might deteriorate the quality. Each layer contributes to preserving the flavour, taste, aroma and freshness of the product, without any addition of harmful preservatives, additives, stabilisers, etc. Sachet packaging not only reduces the risk of adulteration and duplicity but it also comes with the ease of carrying anywhere. Olympic athletes have to travel to various locations for training and competitions. Steadfast Nutrition supplements are easy for them to carry, store and use, unlike bulky jars or containers.

To conclude, there are numerous reasons why Steadfast Nutrition is loved by Olympic athletes. For them, Steadfast Nutrition supplements are a safe, healthy and organ-friendly way to meet their nutrition needs. Supplements are verified, tested, certified and support the efforts that an athlete puts in to excel in a race or competition.

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