Protein is a key nutrient needed for the growth and maintenance of the body.   Cells need to make proteins. The deficiency of protein in the body affects the whole system from a cellular to a mass level. Like protein, any deficiency can lead to an imbalance in the production of hormones which in turn, affects the metabolism of the body. The major portions of dietary protein come from the dairy and non-vegetarian sources like egg and poultry.

Though pulses are also a source of protein, they have low biological availability. Milk is a  protein which is appropriate for most of the population irrespective of their dietary pattern. Faulty eating habits can cause severe micronutrient deficiency. The answer to managing the deficiency is to change one’s eating habits.

According to the  2010 census, about 61% of the total population falls under the age group of 25 to 55, which is the time of involvement in career establishment and self earning. In short, we can identify this age group as office goers. There is a major change in lifestyle during this age bracket, as there is an increase in desk jobs leading to obesity.

Another contributing factor is the increase in financial capacity to dine outside frequently. Another important aspect is skipping meals due to the constant overload of work.

To manage a healthy lifestyle, dietary management along with exercise is the key. If a traditional diet does not impart the required nutrients, supplementation with appropriate composition could prove to be fruitful. The most popular supplement used in India to combat the deficiency of protein and general wellbeing is whey protein. Milk obtained from bovine source is commercially converted into whey by applying the coagulation principle. The major portions of protein obtained are casein which is approximately 80% of the total milk protein. The remaining 20% protein is known as whey or whey protein concentrate. It is a translucent liquid that remains when the curd, or casein protein, is removed to make cheese. Whey protein has one of the best protein quality ratings in terms of amino acid composition and digestibility.

One can obtain whey protein by taking milk or purchasing it in supplemental form. The whey protein comprises of lactose sugar and milk fat and the absorption rate is approximately 90%. Whey protein is made up of only 20% milk protein, but the processing price is very high. Due to the high absorption rate, this formulation is ideal for office goers who are trying to achieve good health. Steadfast Nutrition is a sports nutrition and wellness supplementation company that offers the best whey protein range which anyone in need can opt for.

The nutritious product Wheylo is a whey protein concentrate in supplemental form. One can experience the virtue of whey protein along with the goodness of coconut milk flavour. It is available in single-serving sachets for best quality and shelf-life. Its tri-layer packaging ensures the nutrient value is intact. Each 30 gm serving provides 134 kcal and 18.66 gm of protein. The raw materials used are of the best quality sourced from the USA and France. As coconut milk is one of the ingredients, it is also rich in good fats like MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides).

Instead of skipping meals the office goer can carry the sachet formula and consume it whenever possible. It acts as a perfect snack. To live a healthy and fruitful life, take the necessary measurements before it is too late. Buy whey protein


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