The ability to sustain mental or physical energy for a long time is stamina.  It is crucial as it allows you to perform your daily activities or athletic performance at a higher level using less energy.

Irrespective of what sport you play, whether it is playing 3 sets of racquet sports on a court or running in a football pitch for 90 minutes, the sure thing is you need stamina. Also, having good stamina lessens the stress when you’re involved in activity by delaying fatigue.

Physical training, exercise and adequate nutrition are indispensable to build stamina. The certain ways in which you can increase your stamina, which is:-

1) Combination of strength training with cardio training

As the combination simply keeps your muscles involved vigorously, it challenges your heart rate and strengthens the cardiovascular system. Increasing your muscle mass by practising strength training exercises will increase your metabolism and eventually increases stamina. For running on a treadmill for a couple of minutes, followed by squats, an overhead press and finally sit-ups. Repeat and follow again.

2) Reduce rest time between sets

If you are aiming for greater endurance, then be prepared to reduce your recovery time in between sets and by the end of the set you should be gasping for breath and sweating a lot. Only take a break if you physically cannot continue any longer, rather than mental stigma of taking in-between break time.

3) Do fast-paced, high-intensity dynamic training

Fast explosive-type exercises demand a lot of energy and simultaneously challenge your strength and stamina as well. The exercises which are a    combination of stretching and contracting your muscles, for instance, jumping squats, mountain climbing takes a lot of power and force and is great for improving your stamina.

4) Change your monotonous routine

Remember -change is everything! Switching your workout is essential as the body adapts to it after approximately a couple of weeks. Diversify the exercises and so the use of muscles involved in-order to utilise less used muscles and avoid overuse of the same muscles.

5) Stay Hydrated

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Water is the medium which helps fuel your muscles and it is important to drink electrolyte-rich fluids before, during and after exercises to keep up with your energy levels which directly contributes to your stamina. Good hydration level also helps you to avoid muscle cramps and improves performance.

6) Adequate Nutrition is integral

A balanced intake of macronutrients for the major meals and especially pre, during and post-workout, it is important to replenish your body with the right kind of nutrients it demands at the right time for optimum results. For instance, having a protein snack or a beverage right after the workout helps in better recovery.

In a nutshell, building stamina takes time and being consistent with your efforts, right kind of training, pushing yourself harder by indulging in the new exercise regime, adequate nutrition and fluid intake all contribute to help build your stamina better.

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