Stamina allows you the energy to endure long periods of physical workouts. Therefore increasing your stamina provides you with great benefits like helping to bring down exhaustion levels to reach your fitness goals.

So the question is how to increase your stamina to improve your performance?

The first step is to start eating the right kind of foods as this will give your body the right kind of energy. Don’t focus on having 1-2 big meals instead focus on having smaller meals throughout the day. Have different kinds of nutritious snacks throughout the day.

Try to push your limits and challenge yourself. Training and exercising every day is very important. Focus on activities that work your heart and lungs as this helps to increase your stamina. Remain active but focus on rest as sleep is very important to maintain higher levels of energy.

Here is a list of some other exercises that you can perform to increase your stamina:

Bench press (helps to increase your muscle mass and improves your endurance), Jumping jacks (it is great as it works your muscles, heart and lungs), Push-ups, Stair climb (helps to improve your strength and power) and Swimming (best way to work out your lungs).

Foods that help to increase your stamina include:

· Bananas: They provide high amounts of energy along with potassium, vitamin B6, carbs, fibre, fats and protein.

· Brown rice: It is less processed than white rice and makes a great option for complex carbs which are key to better stamina.

· Coffee: It has a high caffeine content which helps to boost your energy levels.

· Eggs: It contains leucine (a type of amino acid) that helps to enhance your energy production and increase your stamina.

· Fish: It has good amounts of omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) that are essential for improving your endurance capacity.

Foods to avoid:

Alcohol: It decreases your endurance during your workout and causes dehydration.

Fried food: It has high-fat content and takes longer to digest.


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