Tips to Eat While Maintaining Health this Festive Season

Tips to Eat While Maintaining Health this Festive Season

Festivals are all about vibrant lights, pretty clothes and lots of food! And residing in a country like India, it is a blessing to gain the opportunity to witness a series of beautiful festivals almost every month. A festival is incomplete without varieties of sweets delightfully lined up on a table, inviting every passerby to experience the flavours that each bite promises. Then there are tempting snacks, family dinners and other savoury treats. However, how possibly can you stop harming your body or most importantly, manage body weight that you have worked hard on since several months?

While festivals bring in joy and prosperity, an individual’s sporadic eating habits during the period can also make him prone to either minor or major lifestyle diseases. You will of course feast your eyes on the list of scrumptious foods laid on the table, but do you have any idea as to how will they result in your weight or maybe overall health? "Pick a small plate” is definitely not the option because if the food is tasty, you will not hesitate going for a second helping or maybe third. What you should be doing instead is make up your mind to not gobble up everything you see, but eat them in adequate amount in small quantities every hour or two. 

We also have several tips that can help you maintain a balanced diet while enjoying every moment and delicacies of a festival:

  1. Water - Your Soulmate: Stay hydrated not just for your skin, but to also ensure that you do not invite unwanted carbs and fats in the form of oily snacks and sweetmeats. Drinking enough water helps a body crave less for unhealthy foods, but concentrate on healthy eating options like fruits, fresh juices and more.
  1. Fruits, fruits and fruits: Healthy and rich in vitamins and more, fruits will help you to stay fuller and avoid the intake of oily snacks in huge quantities. Bite an apple while you get ready or prepare a bowl of fruit salad that you can snack on hassle free. Dry fruits can also be another option which is easy to munch and favourite of many.
  1. Healthier Sweetmeat Preparations: With people gradually adopting methods for a healthier lifestyle, preparing sweetmeats using one or more of the nutritious protein supplements like whey protein, pea protein, peanut butter, protein rice and so on are trending and gaining positive results.
  1. Use Low Fat Ingredients: Sugar and dairy products are the primary ingredients of popular Indian sweetmeats. So, one can opt for low fat milk and low sugar options for the preparation or while buying the same. Also, ensure using these in minimum quantities as ‘low fat' does not necessarily mean that there is no fat in the products.
  1. Ditch sugary drinks: Ditching frizzy drinks will contribute a lot to your overall health not only during festivals, but also on other days. There are several alternatives to cold drinks, the best including lemonades, coconut water and fruit juices.

Gorging on festival foods rich in sugar, spices and everything nice is an absolute treat, but it is also an invitation to unwanted weight gain and different lifestyle diseases. If you follow these simple tips, you will give yourself the leisure to flaunt your body in confidence while enjoying every treat of a festival.

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