I am Shubham Bhatt, a sports enthusiast since my younger days starting from the game of basketball to later diverging to badminton. I am especially a doubles player but also played as a single and mixed double player in several championships. Actually, I started playing badminton not only for joy but also to be as fit as a fiddle. 
My coach saw something bright in me and pushed hard to pursue a career as a doubles player to which I acted upon meticulously. Later I started playing as a double and mix double player and performed in numerous competitions. Now, I'm an international player with a good Indian ranking as a player. If I talk about Steadfast protein which helped me in my recovery. I was suffering from ligament tears since last year, but after having Incredible Whey my recovery has been faster and sustainable than before. With the presence of special ingredients like taurine, inositol and alpha-lipoic acid along with an impressive amino acid profile. The presence of essential vitamins and minerals helps in maintaining electrolyte balance and boosts overall immunity. Steadfast has now become a part of my daily regime and I trust in their products immensely for the results it proffers in my life.
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