Steadfast Athlete Annu Doley has scored big at the country’s biggest bodybuilding competition- The 2022 Sheru Classic Pro Qualifiers, bagging a silver medal under the bikini division. 

The gutsy athlete gave competitors half her age a run for their money at the event which was held at Asia’s biggest health, sports, and fitness festival- the International Health, Sports, and Fitness Festival (IHFF 2022). Annu’s performance created an incredible impression on all her fellow participants and the audience.

The Steadfast Athlete has been ruling the bikini bodybuilding world since years now. It was in the year 1995 that  she became Miss Assam for the first time, and since then till date, she has been achieving one milestone after the other with her excellence. After winning the Miss Assam title, the Steadfast Athlete went on to win the prestigious North-East Super Model in 1999, and ten years later she became one of the finalists at the Ms India contest. Annu Doley has certainly made a name for herself with unbelievable consistency and pure hard work. 

Anu’s career as a bikini athlete took off after marriage in 2001. She got her big break after winning the 2017 Muscle Mania Bikini Bodybuilding contest. The following year, she was crowned second runner’s up in the coveted WBFF European Pro Diva Fitness Model Competition in London. There was no looking back after that and she finished among the top five in the 2019 IFBB Pro League and the 2019 NPC Worldwide Shawn Classic IFBB Pro League, Bikini Diva in Vietnam.

To be able to stay consistent at the age of 38 in bikini bodybuilding is a commendable achievement in itself. Annu has fought many unsung battles in order to allow herself to make it big at the International Health, Sports, and Fitness Festival 2022. Struggles came to her in many forms. The most difficult part was to manage time as she also takes care of her children, but all her ups and downs made her more determined and provided her with a sense of encouragement. 

Helping her stay fit and have the energy to manage both personal and professional duties, Steadfast Nutrition played a crucial part in Annu’s preparation for the competition. She revealed how support from Steadfast Nutrition made things easy for her.

"Steadfast Nutrition products has been of great help during my preparations for the Sheru Classic. Their entire wellness range played a critical role in keeping me fit and sound. I consumed Steadfast’s CollaStead, which kept my bones strong and nails healthy, and L-Arginine, which maintained proper blood circulation. I also took Active BCAA in between my workout.”"Steadfast Nutrition has played a really important role in my preparations for the Sheru Classic. Not only was the quality of the products that the company provided without a doubt unmatchable, but also the level of support Steadfast has given me was highly encouraging. Support is very important for any athlete, and I am very grateful to have been associated with an organisation like Steadfast, which treats me like  family, " Annu Doley gushed.

Annu, who is a mother to  a 17-year-old son and a 12-year-old daughter, has been a great source of inspiration for women across the country to never let social or physical limitations become a barrier to their dreams. Apart from pursuing her career in sports, she  has also been running her own coaching class for the past 12 years, which has over 50 members today.

Lauding Annu’s medal-winning performance, Steadfast Nutrition founder Aman Puri said "Sportspeople like Annu are truly unique. They don't simply succeed for themselves; they succeed for the betterment of society, demonstrating that nothing is unattainable if effort and dedication are put into it. Despite having been a top competitor in bikini bodybuilding for years together,  Annu still possesses a strong thirst for victory, which is motivating for everyone. Steadfast Nutrition will continue to assist Annu in the hopes that she receives what she is due.”


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