Shettiyano - The Golden Boy of Steadfast,  Mr. Asia 2019

Shettiyano - The Golden Boy of Steadfast, Mr. Asia 2019

Winners are not made overnight, every victory has a lot of hard work behind it. Our Steadfast athlete Rohit Shetty is a shining example of how determination never fails. Going strong for his training has made Rohit Shetty, the personality that he is today. As a young and enthusiastic boy, Rohit always wanted a body that of He-Man Amp and G.I. Joe. He gives his best at every competition that he participates, with the support of best quality nutrition from Steadfast Nutrition. Adding on to his list of achievements is his recent Gold at the Asian Championship, 2019.

Initially, Steadfast athlete Rohit Shetty didn't know how he would execute his dream of attaining the best shape that he proudly flaunts today. His initial days of practise included just a few push-ups and squats which today have gone up by many folds. He had to train for a year to win the Gold that he did at Mr Asia, 2019. Being a true bodybuilder he knows that the body needs best of both exercise and nutrition. Therefore, he makes sure that he has the best of nutrition i.e. Steadfast Nutrition.

At the recently held Mr Asia 2019, there were around 10-12 athletes in each weight-class under the bodybuilding category. Steadfast athlete Rohit Shetty took part under the 90-100kgs weight-class, he weighed 95kgs at the time of competition. Weight plays a crucial role in such competitions as just a few kgs could place one in an altogether different weight category.  So, taking the right supplement is necessary to maintain the desired weight class. Rohit started training professionally from 2001, but it was only in 2010 when he began his journey of professional competitions.


Rohit’s spirit of never giving up to failures made him succeed and become beyond ordinary. Rohit Shetty joined the Steadfast Nutrition with the similar belief that of the organisation, which is to have a healthy life. Eating the right portion from the right category is important in strengthening your body. His favourite products from Steadfast Nutrition range of supplements are LIV Raw, Power Glutamine, Incredible Whey, Power Protein, Snergy, Power Active and Wheylo. (Buy Whey Protein). 

Even coming from a business background didn’t hinder his aspirations and determination of becoming a bodybuilder. His keen interest in the arena of nutrition aligned him with the enticing thought process of Steadfast Nutrition founder, Aman Puri. The years of research and engagement of Steadfast Nutrition as an organisation with healthy living makes each product produced at Steadfast Nutrition rich in quality and healthy well being in the long run. Each product is precisely crafted according to the needs of our athletes as they are made- For Athletes, By Athletes.

Steadfast athlete Rohit Shetty is the ideal role to the upcoming generation of bodybuilders who look up to him and wish to become like him one day. Only sweating it out won’t help, but preparing your body for the next set of workout is important. He learnt his lessons in his early days of practise when he started indulging more in eating that ultimately resulted in weight gain. He realised his mistake and trained more seriously with an accurately balanced diet. The nutritional courses made him grow stronger both physically and mentally. Shetty says, ‘No matter what comes your way, never give up.’

The passion of sculpting his body made him come to this long by winning laurels at both national and international platforms. His beautifully sculpted body is a result of passion merged with regress training sessions. Each meal that one eats, each day counts in the training session that a bodybuilder undergoes. 

Steadfast athlete Rohit Shetty is now bracing strong for the upcoming Mr World (Universe) 5th-12th Nov. And, we positively know and believe that his hard work will surely reap him the sweetest of fruits. Steadfast Nutrition like always is all set to promote him becoming - champion of the champions.

Here are a few titles from the unending list of his achievements:

  • Top 10 in IFBB Amateur Olympia 2015 (Hong Kong)
  • Winner at Ajit Shree (Pune), 2015
  • Jerai classic India's top 10
  • Mr. Asia 2017, Bronze medal, South Korea
  • Mr. Universe 2017, Bronze medal, Mongolia
  • Mr. Asia 2019

Shettiyano - Beastly body with a gentle heart!

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