Runner to Ace Bikini Bodybuilder: Steadfast Athlete Ratna Verma makes IHFF Debut

Runner to Ace Bikini Bodybuilder: Steadfast Athlete Ratna Verma makes IHFF Debut

Switching to a new sport despite being established in your game is a chance that few would take. But for some it’s all about getting out of your comfort zone and taking up new challenges. Steadfast Athlete Ratna Verma competed as a bikini athlete in the Sheru Classic Pro Qualifiers at the International Health, Sports, and Fitness Festival after eleven years of athletic experience as a runner. This was only the second time that Ratna performed as a bikini athlete- her first appearance was in April when she won gold at the National Physique Committee’s Jagraon Event.

Ratna Verma has been winning running competitions all over the country since 2010, but she never thought of trying her hand in the bikini bodybuilding world. It was only at the beginning of this year that she decided to challenge herself to become a bikini bodybuilder and began preparing for upcoming events. The Steadfast Athlete worked so diligently that her first performance ever as a bikini athlete was a shock to everyone. The 50-year-old defeated all other experienced athletes and grabbed first place at the National Physique Committee’s Jagraon Championship.

In an attempt to take the early success forward, the Steadfast Athlete went on to participate in India’s largest bodybuilding championship- The Sheru Classic Pro Qualifiers. She trained really hard to make her first attempt at the IHFF count. She doubled her training time, including cardio every morning and evening and posing practise in the afternoon. Ratna’s days began to revolve around her training only, which included a proper diet, a fixed sleep cycle, and a lot of workout. The Steadfast Athlete was certainly in the mood to leave no stone unturned and her preparation actually paid off when her eye-catching performance received all the applause.

Ratna couldn’t pull off a medal, but the way she transformed herself for the bikini competition in no time and performed on the biggest stage was appreciated by one and all, including the founder of Steadfast Nutrition, Aman Puri.

“It takes a lot of courage to compete in the biggest competition in the country and challenge the legends of bikini, especially when you are brand new to the sport. Our athlete Ratna Verma is certainly one of very high calibre. Fifty is an age where most people begin to think about their retirement plans, but this Steadfast Athlete decided to take up a new challenge. This certainly shows the spirit of Steadfast Nutrition. We are really proud of Ratna” said Aman Puri.

When preparing for the IHFF, Ratna used a variety of Steadfast Nutrition supplements. She took Vitamin D3 for her overall health, Snergy as her energy drink, and CollaStead for her morning pre-workout. In addition to supplements, Ratna's statements regarding Steadfast were replete with references to the organisation's assistance.

"It gives me great joy to be affiliated with an organisation like Steadfast. The company is aware of the demands of the sport. Their knowledge and understanding of the human body is reflected in the quality of supplements they produce. I sincerely appreciate all of their help. From registrations to promotions, Steadfast took care of everything and made sure that I could keep all my focus on competition. I am truly grateful to be a Steadfast Athlete,” she remarked.

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