In India, we have seen the growth of the sport of Badminton after commonwealth games with many world-class players like Saina Nehwal, Parupali Kashyap, P V Sindhu. Along with some new talents like Sai Praneeth, Kidambi Srikanth and Lakshya Sen and many more emerging with time. Coaches like Prakash Padukone and Gopi Chand have changed the face of Indian Badminton getting India on the world map. The success of Indian Badminton players can be attributed to world-class coaching, infrastructure, government support, high fitness standards and diet. To match the players from around the world you need intense training and proper diet. Nowadays, players across different sports have started focussing on a balanced diet. It’s not possible to get all the nutrients from food when you are training hard. One of the most important nutrients of all is protein, which helps in the recovery of our muscles making it very important for athletes.

One of the important types of protein is whey protein, also the most saleable protein in the market. When you take protein, always be cautious about the brand you are going for and certifications it has because as a lot of junk products are available in the market. 

Steadfast Nutrition has a premium product called Power Protein, which is one of the top-selling products. All their products are lab tested, FSSAI approved, without any heavy metals and steroids. Power Protein doesn’t have any added flavours, preservatives, thickeners and colours. It has 29.2 grams of slow and fast release proteins, one of the highest you will find in the market.

Power protein is a unique blend formula of slow and fast releasing proteins. It comprises whey protein concentrate, Wheat Protein, Calcium Caseinate and Natural Cocoa Powder that are formulated to deliver a gradual release of amino acids for muscle recovery. The presence of the four proteins including the goodness of natural cocoa makes the product unique for complete recovery. Power protein is a blend for steady recovery of muscles and can be taken by athletes and fitness enthusiasts post-workout.

Any sportsperson or fitness enthusiast can consume Power Protein depending upon their training and other physical activities. Unlike non-athletes, a sportsperson requires higher amounts of protein in their body for rebuilding and repairing muscles. While an endurance athlete is recommended a maximum of 2 sachets per day, strength athletes can include 3 sachets in their diet. Power Protein must be included after a workout to recover muscles and as per recommendation by a dietitian. This protein for athletes can also be consumed by a non-athletic person, however keeping the daily requirements and physical activities in mind.

For optimal results, Power Protein should be consumed within 30 minutes post-workout or competition to recover muscles. Power Protein offers a balanced composition of all the ingredients in its single-serving sachets containing 29.2 g of high-quality proteins. Also, the primary idea of Power protein is to deliver the best quality proteins because of which it is designed in single-serving sachets. 

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