Running helps you keep fit, as it is the least expensive sport in the world. It is not just good for your health but also helps enhance your self-confidence, once you have completed your marathon a sense of accomplishment is there, which gives you a boost and improves your confidence. 

But running an Ultramarathon requires completely different training than one does for a half marathon or a full marathon. Since an ultra-marathon starts from 50 km upwards and in India we have 555km of the ultra marathon also, so taking part in that kind of races requires a different kind of diet and training. Though these two aspects play a very vital role, one also has to stay mentally strong to accomplish this kind of task. Running more than 70 km every day for 555 km is a timed event, and one has to finish it in 1 week, so your body requires a lot of hydration and supplement. 

So, Steadfast Nutrition has come up with MiCasein, which is also known as Night Protein. It is a protein from Micellar Casein which provides steady and gradual release of amino acids for overnight recovery. Milk protein is a combination of 80% casein and 20 % whey protein. We all know that whey protein is a well known post-workout protein. When we do a lot of unrest workout, it may lead to wear and tear of muscles, which requires adequate protein to build muscles and regain strength. When there is a lot of gap between meals, and the body starts breaking down it muscles take essential proteins from it, then in that case muscle growth and maintenance will not happen. Therefore it is advised that one should consume MiCasein at night because it slowly releases protein and amino acid, which can prevent the muscle breakdown while sleeping.

So for Ultramarathon runners, it is the best supplement as in these races they generally rest at night, and they can always consume MiCasein. Since it comes in a single sachet serving of 30 grams which is easily portable & has around 24.3 grams of protein in it, it will help in recovery and muscle building.

So, run for fitness and regain your real potential with great recovery with MiCasein.

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