New Year Resolution

New Year Resolution - Go Better Ways to Mend Your Fitness Goals

New Year is around the corner and you must all be excited and overjoyed with the mesmerising range of shopping, decorations, foods, gifts and many more that are to come your way, right? With these joyous moments and bewitching sights, there also comes the evergreen tradition blended with positive thoughts and determination — To take a resolution for a better you.

But the question is, how loyally is the resolution(s) followed and for how long? 

We understand that new year’s resolutions are tough to keep. And especially after the amazing holiday season filled with merrymaking and carefree culinary journeys, resolutions are either tossed out from the bucket list, or delayed to an extent that a person stays no longer motivated like earlier. So, we aren’t here to fill your head with a set of advice or to recommend you with the type of resolutions that you can opt for. All we are here is to suggest you on simple activities that you can take up this new year not just for a healthier you, but also for a fun you!


  1. Zumba: Groove to the beats of phenomenally interesting music which are usually a mixture of Salsa, Samba, Tango, Flamenco, Merengue and a lot more. Zumba is one of the most extraordinary and exciting forms of workout that leaves one wanting for more. Do it in a group, with your best friend or alone, there are absolutely no boundaries to enjoy the activity. And what’s best is that it is the perfect form of exercise that targets the core, glutes and legs. It also enhances the flexibility and strength of the body by targeting the primary areas.


  1. Cycling: The significance of this recreational sport has been widely accepted by people of all ages. People are not only taking up the sport to compete on different levels, but to contribute towards a healthy and fit lifestyle. You can ride to the office, go for an early morning ride or join a cycling club to be a part of some exhilarating activities. Cycling is known to offer a plethora of advantages to the body including improved posture, strengthened bones, muscle flexibility, improved cardiovascular health and a managed body weight.


  1. Yoga: Words like ‘stress relief,’ ‘positive,’ ‘calm’ and ‘inner peace’ are synonymous with Yoga. People practising this activity for even 30 minutes a day are doing a tremendous job to their body like no other. The list of benefits that this activity provides is endless, with the common ones being improving immunity, maximising concentration and mental strength as well as maintaining better posture and flexibility. Studies have also shown Yoga to have benefited the human body in reducing insomnia, relieving chronic back pain and anxiety as well as improving bone health and lung capacity.


  1. Badminton: This is a sport loved by all and played by all! Of course, if you can get access to a badminton court for your sessions, then you are lucky to play a set of matches maintaining the necessary rules and regulations. But even if you do not, it can be played with a friend or three in any satisfactory space outside your residence or workspace. Every good game of badminton can earn your body with improved flexibility, muscle strength, sleep patterns and physical fitness along with reduced anxiety and mood swings.


  1. Swimming: One excellent way to give your body a complete workout is with swimming. For example, a person weighing 60 kilos is subjected to burn 400 to 600 calories with just an hour of freestyle swimming. In addition to calorie burning, the water sport works for your entire body to build strength and endurance, control blood sugar and blood pressure levels, boost sleeping quality and cardiovascular fitness as well as tones muscles and keep stress at bay.


  1. Running: Taking in the cool breeze early morning while enjoying the sight of fresh flowers blooming in every corner, running is a great way to start the day. Whether you hit the running tracks at your nearest park, go jogging at the beachside or maybe the road, the benefits it offers are numerous. Running at least 3 times a week is known to strengthen the immune system, relieve stress, prevent the risks of high blood pressure, maintain weight and increase the bone density.


  1. Dancing: People who dance their way to fitness stay happy and lively. The combination of music, unique dance moves and energetic group of people around are what makes this a mind-blowing activity for all. While joining dancing clubs and groups is an ideal way to get the best of every dance types like Salsa, Hip-Hop, Belly Dancing, Ballet or Contemporary, a person can also go solo or with a partner and reap the advantages of improving heart condition, muscle strength, weight management, mental functioning, balance, flexibility and self-confidence among the many.


  1. Gymming: Last but not the least, gymming is the lifeline for many to stay fit and build strength. While there are people who majorly join a gym to achieve a toned body, many others do so to build muscles, maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce the risks of lifestyle diseases. Working out at the gym is highly recommended to benefit in decreasing unhealthy triglycerides, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and the risks of various cancer types along with boosting immunity, promoting better sleep patterns and reducing stress.

There are dozens of other reasons for taking up activities that interest you the most along with the ones mentioned above. You can take suggestions if necessary or maybe just go with the flow, the choice is yours. So, take the pledge to make this new year activity-filled so you live in better health, mood and of course, life. 

Happy New Year! :)

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