MTB Pune is one of India’s most celebrated cycling events, drawing competitive cyclists from various parts of the country every year. The rigorous selection process is a testimony to how tough this competition is and reflects that only the best in the business compete in the event.

Steadfast Nutrition, India’s premium sports and wellness nutrition brand, has been associated with MTB Pune for a long time. Mr Aman Puri, the founder of the company, has himself been a trailblazer when it comes to mountain biking. Our promising cyclist Shiven once again proved his mettle in MTB Pune, winning the gold medal in the Men Elite XCO category and bronze in the Mixed Team Relay. Shiven has already won nine medals at the MTB national championships previously.

Shiven is one of Steadfast’s leading athletes and has been participating in major cycling events for a few years. years. He has represented India at the Asian championships 2019 and 2020, and at the South Asian Games held in 2020. Throughout the year, Shiven has been coached by Jarred Salzwedel. Shiven’s dream performance in the event is a testimony to his steely determination and commitment towards the MTB. 

Shiven was the only cyclist who looked fresh after covering such a long distance. He crossed the finishing line in a grand style. There was no end to the jubilation in the Steadfast contingent after his win. At the presentation ceremony, the Steadfast champion spoke about the value of nutritional supplements for endurance and agility.

After winning the race, Shiven said, “Mountain biking is an expensive sport, with more difficulties, to sustain the journey because of no financial backup. When you are a potential talent and trying to fill the gap to the Asian level/ International level, you need to take part in many international races”.

Shiven has been riding since 2012. He has also trained professionals since 2018. His training regime speaks volumes of his calibre as he trains 20 hours a week on and off the bike. 

The first stage of the race had it all: pavement, meadows, jeep track, and loose gravel that sapped the energy level of the cyclists. The cyclists stopped for a break and were then encouraged by the organisers to speed up. 

At dusk, it was the time for the riders to pull up their socks for the second phase. At this stage of the race,  Shiven was leading the Steadfast contingent. And it was quite apparent that he would get the podium finish. His superlative performance made him nothing less than a torchbearer for the Steadfast family that will surely motivate others to keep going. 

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